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Best 20 Home Remedy treatments for Nocturnal Emission

The nocturnal emission is also known as wet dreams. This is a very common condition among men, but women have chances to have it too. The most common causes for nocturnal emission include frequent masturbation and the lack of proper sex education. Also, easy access to sexually explicit content can increase the risk for nocturnal emission. Also, hormonal changes that are happening during puberty can lead to nocturnal emission.

nocturnal emission
Treatments for Nocturnal Emission

Some people believe that nocturnal emission can reduce the sperm count, but this is a good way for testicles to remove older sperm and help with the natural formation of new and healthy sperm in the body. Women can have nocturnal emission too and it can result in orgasm as well as additional vaginal secretions from arousal. Men have more chances of a nocturnal emission because they produce several erections at a night. The nocturnal emission will not reduce your immunity.

Most commonly nocturnal emission happens in puberty due to hormonal changes, but older people can be affected too. The nocturnal emission is not a sign of illness. Also, some people believe that nocturnal emission can shrink the penis size, but this is not true. In some cases, nocturnal emissions are associated with sexual or erotic dreams, but this is not always true. You need to talk with your doctor if you suffer from nocturnal emission before you use some of the below-mentioned home remedies, so you will avoid possible side effects from them. Here are some home remedies for nocturnal emission:

Avoid smoking

You should avoid or quit smoking because it is thought to increase your chances of nocturnal emission.

Relax with essential oils

You can relax before going to bed because this can help you to stop the nocturnal emission. You should add a few drops of relaxant oils to warm water and take a bath with it. This will help to relax your mind and body before you go to sleep. Some of the best oils which you can add to your bath water include olive oil, sandalwood oil, lavender oil, chamomile oil, and castor oil. Usually, they are used for the massage of your body, so you can use them too.


You can use massage as your natural treatment for nocturnal emission. It is recommended to take a massage before going to bed, so you will relax your body and mind. Some of the best massage oils which you can use for your massage include castor oil, sandalwood oil, chamomile oil, olive oil, and lavender oil. This is a very effective home remedy for people who suffer from low energy levels that are caused by chronic nocturnal emission. These home remedies can help to rejuvenate the skin, reduce stress formation, relieve pain and calm down nerve cells.

Indian gooseberry

This is one of the most effective home remedies for nocturnal emission. You should take one glass and place 20 grams of pulverized dry Indian gooseberry in it and then, fill it with 60 grams of water. You should put it aside for 12 hours. After this period has passed, you should filter it and add one gram of pulverized turmeric and drink it. You can take 10 ml fresh Indian gooseberry juice, 1 gram turmeric powder, and 5 grams of honey and mix them well. You should take this home remedy every morning and evening. This mixture is one of the best-used home remedies for nocturnal emission. Also, you can eat Indian gooseberry jam as your natural treatment for nocturnal emission.

Sage tea

You can drink sage tea before going to bed because it can help to stop the nocturnal emission which is caused by erotic dreams and it can help to prevent ejaculation. You can easily find sage tea powder in the markets and it has many health benefits which can help in the natural treatment of nocturnal emission.

Avoid sleeping on stomach

When you sleep on your stomach, then it can increase your risk of nocturnal emission. You should try sleeping on your side or back to help prevent them. You should use pillows or an extra blanket to help you avoiding rolling back on your stomach. It is normal to roll over during your sleep, so you do not get upset if you wake up on your stomach. Maybe, your body is comfortable sleeping in this way. Some people recommend lying on your side, but there are no scientific studies that will guarantee that it will help.

Avoid alcohol

You should stop drinking alcohol because it can worsen the symptoms of nocturnal emission.

Vitamin C

This vitamin can keep you sexually healthy, make your semen dense and it can increase sperm production. Also, it can help to decrease the nocturnal emission.


This is one of the most effective natural treatments for nocturnal emission. You should make a mixture of crushed coriander and sugar – candy with cold water. This is a very helpful home remedy for nocturnal emission. Also, you can crush dry coriander fruit and sieve it. You should mix it with the same proportion of the crushed sugar. You should consume one teaspoon of this home remedy with water on an empty stomach in the early morning and do not eat anything else up to the hour after that.

Vitamin E

This vitamin has a similar function as Vitamin C, so you can add it in your diet.


You can consume yogurt as your natural treatment for nocturnal emission. You should drink two to three cups of yogurt per day because it is thought that it can help to prevent the occurrence of nocturnal emission.


You can use curd as your home remedy for nocturnal emission. It is highly supplemented with a good source of essential minerals which effectively enhance your stamina and health.

Relax before going to bed

You need to relax in the hours before going to bed, so you will not feel stressed. It is shown that stress is related to nocturnal emission, but this is not the case for everyone. You should manage your stress and relax right before going to bed, so you can prevent nocturnal emission. You should spend at least an hour before you go to bed calming your mind and body. You should try meditating for ten to fifteen minutes. You can follow a guided meditation or you can focus on your breath. You can write your thoughts in a journal. You should read a book. You can also do few yoga poses.


You can add bananas to your diet as your home remedy for nocturnal emission. You should eat two bananas and subsequently drink half–cup of boiled milk every day for up to three months.


This is one of the most used home remedies for preventing nocturnal emission. People, who suffer from nocturnal emission, can consume a fenugreek extract mixed with honey, thirty minutes before going to sleep. This can help to prevent problems that are caused by hormonal imbalance and also, it is a very effective digestive aid.


You can chew two to three garlic cloves before you go to bed, so you will reduce the blood flow to your genitals. Garlic has allicin, which can help to reduce how much blood flows to your genital area. This can help to prevent erections, so you will not have nocturnal emission. But, there is no guarantee that this home remedy will work for sure. You should try to eat two to three raw garlic cloves right before bed. Garlic has a strong taste, especially if you eat it raw, so if you do not like the taste of garlic, this may not be the best home remedy for you.


This home remedy produces a relaxing effect on the mind and body. Also, it will help to induce deep sleep, plus preventing nocturnal emission. It can help to regulate the production of hormones in adolescents, as well as in adults. This can help to control the excessive production of semen and at the same time, it will prevent involuntary ejaculation during sleep.


You can make basil root in water and drink this home remedy for your nocturnal emission.

Celery leaves

You can mix celery leaves with honey and stalks and take it every night before going to bed as your home remedy for nocturnal emission.

Pomegranate peel

You can consume 5 grams of crushed pomegranate peel in the morning because it can help you in the natural treatment of nocturnal emission.


This home remedy can help to manage the physical and psychological causes of nocturnal emission. It can help to reduce stress and it can control the wavering thoughts in the mind. This home remedy can be effective for men who suffer from nocturnal emission due to poor quality of sleep. Also, it can help to prevent the anxiety caused by nocturnal emission.


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Elene Jordanova
Elene Jordanova
Elena Jordanova is a medical researcher from Macedonia with specialization in Internal Medicine


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