Pineapples health benefits – aids digestion

pineapple, pineapples

Pineapples are a delicious tropical fruit. They have been celebrated for centuries because they have distinct and unique taste and also many health benefits. Pineapples have many health benefits such as increase circulation, improve the immune system, fight off infections and parasites, increase heart health, prevent cancer, reduce inflammation, boost eye health, improve oral health, strengthen bones, help you lose weight, improve digestion, cure coughs and colds and it has ability to improve respiratory health. Pineapples are very delicious and healthy fruits but as with other fruits, they should be take in caution. They have bromelain which is primarily a meat – tenderizing enzyme and this is a reason why it is so helpful in the digestion of tough foods. This can result in tenderness or softening of your meat as well. This means that your tongue, gums and lips might experience some tenderness or sensitivity if you eat too much pineapple. Bromelain and Vitamin C should not be taken in high proportions because they are powerful chemicals and if you overdose of them, then this can lead to nausea, headaches, diarrhea and vomiting.

Health benefits of pineapples

Blood circulation: Potassium has vasodilating properties. Pineapples also have copper which is another essential mineral that is functioning in a number of enzymatic reactions and compounds in our bodies. Copper is one of the most important elements for the formation of healthy red blood cells. When we have high red blood cells count in our bodies, then this is increasing the oxygenation to many organ systems and it makes them to function at optimal levels. Also it can increase the cognitive abilities and can maintain neural pathways to prevent neural disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Blood pressure: When we have a potassium deficiency, then this can result in a wide array of health hazards. The most important function of potassium is vasodilator. This means that it can ease the tension and stress of the blood vessels and it can promote blood circulation to many parts of the body. When our blood vessels are relaxed, then our blood pressure is reduced and the blood flow is less restricted. This is preventing clots from blocking the flow of blood and it can reduce the accumulation of plaque in the arteries and blood vessels. This will help people to prevent some conditions such as strokes, heart attacks and atherosclerosis. You should eat pineapples if you want to have a healthy heart.

Eye health: Vision is one of the most important senses for all human beings. Pineapples can boost the eye health and they can prevent age – related deficiencies which are happening so often. Many elderly people are affected by macular degeneration. Beta carotene which is found in the pineapples can delay this vision problem. You should keep proper amounts of beta – carotene in your diet from fruits and vegetables because in this way you will have healthy eyes when you get old.

pineapple, pineapples

Oral health: Pineapples have antioxidant components which can protect against oral cancer. Also this fruit has astringent properties which strengthen gums and it will ensure you that your teeth will not become loose. Pineapples have astringent agents which can help you to tighten up tissues and tone the body so things like skin loosening, muscle weakness, hair loss and tooth loss does not occur. Pineapples are very powerful astringent fruits. This is a reason why they often are prescribed as a natural remedy to fix loosening of teeth or the retraction of the gums.

Bone health: Pineapples do not have strong calcium content. They have an impressive amount of manganese which is another important mineral for the strengthening of bones, as well as their repair and growth. A single serving of pineapples can deliver more than 70% of your daily requirement of manganese.

Coughs and colds: Pineapples have bromelain which can reduce the phlegm and mucus build up in the respiratory tracts and sinus cavities. It can prevent the illnesses which cause mucus and phlegm build – up which is also treating them by loosening those minerals and helping you eliminate them from your body if you have already contracted infection or illness.


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