10 Amazing Mundu Facts and Health Benefits

Health benefits of mundu

Mundu is also known as Rata fruit, Egg tree, Gourka and Baniti. The scientific name of mundu is Garcinia dulcis. It is a sub – woody plant. It belongs to the Clusiaceae family. It is one of the most rare fruits that sometimes jarring once found around the US. This is fruit which resembles apples and also, it resembles the mangosteen fruit. But, the mundu turns out to have many unexpected benefits, especially for the health of the body.

It has many nutrients, such as saponin, flavonoids and toning content which are all good for the health. The flesh color is soft yellow. The taste of mundu is pleasant. The flowering season is from April to May. The fruit season is from July to November. Mundu has thin fruit peel. The shape of mundu is globose to oblate and it is from five to eight cm in diameter. You can use mundu in fresh form or serve it in sherbets. You can make mundu into jam, fruit paste and butter. Mundu can be cooked and candied.

It fruit comes from Peninsular Malaysia, southern Thailand, Java, Borneo and the Philippines. The size of this plant is from ten to thirteen meters in height. You can apply the pounded leaves of mundu to cure the swelling. You can use the crushed bark extract to clean wounds. In Thailand, the crushed fruit extract is used to give you a relief from scurvy. Here are some health benefits of mundu:


Mundu treat of burns

It has the ability of treating burns, so you can use it as your home remedy for your burns.

Benefits of Mundu Fruit

Overcoming bad breath

The bad breath has many different causes and one of them is the lack of Vitamin C. Also, it can be result from thrush. You can use it fruit directly or repeated as a thrush medicine to overcome the bad breath.

Mundu treat of diarrhea

The diarrhea is caused by lack of digestive parts to fertilize or overcome the dirt which is in the digestive section treated properly, so that it is difficult to defecate. You can use mundu fruit to solve this problem.

Eliminate pain

The injured or chafed skin makes you pain. You can use it to cure this pain. You can take eight grams of mundu fruit as your home remedy for the pain you have, but you can always talk with your doctor about the recommended dosage.

Heal wounds

It has anti – inflammatory properties which can help you to heal the wounds that you have. Also, it will give you a relief from the pain that is caused by your wounds. This fruit is also good for your skin.

Relieve abdominal pain

It has flavonoids, saponin and toning which have anti – inflammatory properties. These properties can help you to get a relief from the stomach ache.


As we have said, it can help you to cure your injuries, but also, you can use it as your home remedy for goiter. You can sprinkle the affected part of goiter with mundu fruit, so it can help you to treat it. It is usually recommending using eight grams of this fruit, but you can ask your doctor which will be the best dosage for you.

Treating bile disease

It is helpful for the stomach, but when it is eaten directly has very effective properties to deal with the bile disease. This method is very easy, so you should add this fruit continuously until you feel like defecating. The process of defecating can help the dir to become hilaing. Also, you can add other fruits in your diet in combination with mundu fruit, such as green bananas, because they can also help you to overcome the constipation.

Overcoming sprue

This fruit has the ability to help with overcoming thrush due to its anti – inflammatory properties. It is one of the best home remedies which you can use for having good oral health. You can add mundu in your diet to overcome the sprue.

Overcoming urinary diseases

There are many diseases which can affect your urinary system. This fruit can be used as home remedy for treating the urinary diseases. You can add this fruit to your meals. You should eat it in the future as well, because it can help you to have a good health.


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