Health benefits of nutmeg

Health benefits of nutmeg

Nutmeg has many health properties, such as treat cancer; relieve pain; treat insomnia; support kidney health; detoxify the body; support oral health; promote digestion. Also, it can delay aging; treat acne; support immune system; promote blood circulation; treat inflammation. It is used as part of the Asian cuisine for centuries. It grows on evergreen plant which is scientifically known as Myristica fragrans.

This plant belongs to the islands near Indonesia and it can be found in South India, as well. It has a pleasant aroma and it has a hint of sweetness. There are many traditional foods in India which are cooked with nutmeg. It has a lot of health benefits which is a reason why it is used to treat many health problems.

Health benefits of nutmeg

Health benefits of nutmeg

Delays aging: Sagged skin, wrinkles and fine lines are signs of aging. You can add nutmeg in your diet because it has ability to delay the aging process of your skin.

Acne treatment: It is known that acne happen under severe stress which can cause more acne. The nutmeg has antibacterial properties which can help to fight against bacteria that cause acne. You can apply a paste of powdered nutmeg on the acne scars so they will start to fading in a period of few weeks. You should add nutmeg regularly in your diet so you will stay away from the acne.

Good for the immune system: Our immune system is making many functions which can help to destroy cancerous cells, free radicals and infectious bacteria. Nutmeg has nutrients, like potassium, iron, manganese and many different vitamins which can help your immune system to function better.

Treatment of psychological diseases: There are many psychological diseases which happen in old age, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In these diseases, you frequently forget things and it is difficult to recall. Also, aging affects the concentration and cognitive function. You can add this in your daily diet while you are young so in this way you will avoid age – related problems. Also, This has macelignan which can sharpen your brain and improve your memory. Also, This has the potential to alleviate risks associated with Alzheimer’s disease and it can prevent its occurrence in old age.

Proper blood circulation: The proper blood circulation can facilitate the blood circulation in your body. When the blood circulates through the heart and brain, then both vital organs can make their function effectively. Also, the nutmeg is used in the traditional medicine to regulate high blood pressure levels. The nutmeg has potassium which can relax your blood vessels and it can allow you to have proper blood circulation.

Promotes digestion: Nutmeg is rich in properties which can help to treat indigestion effectively. It has dietary fiber which can help to regulate irregular bowel movements.

A powerful antioxidant: The body needs a lot of antioxidants to treat cancerous cells and to prevent chronic inflammation and oxidative damage. You can add nutmeg in your daily life so it will provide you a lot of antioxidants. When antioxidants are combined with other nutrients, like iron, potassium, copper, etc. can effectively combat factors which can lead to asthma, Alzheimer’s disease and depression.

Treatment for cancer: It is known that antioxidants can help in the fight against free radicals that can cause cancer. It has been found that nutmeg is rich in antioxidants which can help to alleviate the risk that contribute to the development of cancerous cells. But there should be done a lot more studies about the effects of nutmeg in the treatment of cancer.

Relieves pain: There are many studies in which are said that the nutmeg can give you a relief from the headaches or other body pains. Nutmeg is rich in antioxidants and anti – inflammatory properties which can give you a relief from headaches and it can ease the pain that is associated with wounds and injuries. Also, it is potent enough to combat factors which contribute to chronic inflammation, like the condition of arthritis.


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