7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Horse Gram

horse gram benefits for irregular periods

This is a miracle super food and it is widely used as a staple diet in the southern parts of India. It is rich in nutrients and it has many minerals, such as iron, protein, calcium and phosphorus. This is a reason why it is very beneficial in the human diet but also it can be used in the animal diet. The scientific name of horse gram is Macrotyloma uniflorum. This is dark brown lentil which is flat and round in shape and it has many therapeutic benefits which can offer to us.

Horse gram is known by many other names, such as kulthi, hurali, madras horse – gram, muthuenif, rarat, kollu, etc. If you suffer from hyperacidity and gastric ulcers, then you should not consume horse gram seeds because they can worsen the condition.

Also, in the Ayurvedic medicine is though that horse gram can worsen the cases of bleeding problems so if you suffer from heavy periods, then you should talk with your doctor before you start using horse gram seeds. Also, you should avoid horse gram is you suffer from gout. If you consume medication for anemia, then avoid horse gram because it can cause contra indication. Here are some health benefits of horse gram:

horse gram benefits for skin

Horse gram help in conjunctivitis

You can pre – soak a handful of horse gram seeds overnight. In the next morning, you should strain these seeds and then use the water to wash your eyes with it. This water has anti – oxidant properties which can help to combat the infection and it will keep your eyes soothed and calm and it will sans the irritation. You should use this home remedy three times per day for washing your eyes.


This natural cure can bring down the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol in the bloodstream. The bad cholesterol which is stuck in the veins will be eliminated when you consume horse gram due to lipids in it. You should consume a handful of pre – soaked horse gram seeds, two times per day, on an empty stomach and you will notice that the lipid levels will work at their best and they will cleanse your veins off the bad cholesterol.

Skin rashes and boils

Horse gram can be used as a topical face pack for treating rashes, boils and other disorders of the skin to some extent. This is possible due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and they have a lot of antioxidants along with minerals which can replicate the healthy lipid layers of the skin and more. You should crush a handful of pre – soaked seed overnight and apply it as a face pack the next day.

You should wait for half an hour and gently wash off using cold water. This will exfoliate the dirt, grime and dead skin cells and also it will provide collagen boost to your skin and it will protect your skin from further harm and free radical attacks.


It is rich in fiber which can help in the digestion and soaking the excess fluids from the intestine and stomach. This will bring down the chances of happening diarrhea and loose motion and it will allow normal bowel movements to happen. You should take a handful of pre – soaked gram legumes every morning because it will stimulate your digestive system to work better.

Horse gram help in piles

Piles happen when the veins in the rectum swell up and turn painful or inflamed. You should soak a cup of horse gram overnight and consume it with water the next day. You should eat the horse gram raw as a salad embellishment.

Common cold and fever

When you have fever, cough and cold or asthma and bronchial problems, then you can consume horse gram as your home remedy. You should consume it as soup which will give you a relief from the congestion and it will make nasal tracts open up by allowing the mucus membranes to soften up and melt. This will help with the easy breathing because the required nutrients will boost the metabolism of the body and immunity too.

Weight loss

If you consume horse gram every day, then it will help you to lose weight. You should consume it in powdered form and add a dash of cumin seeds. You should mix these ingredients in a glass of water and then drink it two times per day on an empty stomach.


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