4 Amazing Rubber Plant facts and health benefits

rubber plant indoor

The scientific name of rubber plant is Ficus elastrica. It is a large or medium house plant with beautiful foliage that belongs to the fig genus and Moraceae family. It is native to Indian Sub – continent (Bhutan, Northern India and Nepal) and South – eastern Asia (Myanmar and Indonesia). It has been naturalized in the West Indies, Sri Lanka and the US State of Florida. It is propagated mainly by seeds, cuttings or layering. It has beautiful plastic – like leaves which gives it a unique appearance and add up the artistic sense of the room. It is beneficial for wounds, cuts and sores.

It can help to cure the muscle and joint pain. It can be used for constipation, insect bites and parasitic worms. The latex is obtained from the bark of stem and large branches. This plant can help you if you have a cough. It is not expensive, which is a good thing for your budget. You can propagate it easily from cuttings. When you are growing rubber plant from cuttings, then it allows you to have multiple specimens that you can keep at home and office. This plant is not very needy and basically grows on neglect. It is adaptable to low light conditions and shade until it is receiving bright indirect light.

It needs infrequent watering cycles and slightly moist soil, and little to no fertilization. As the time passes, the rubber plant grows quite tall and even in the containers looks almost like a miniature tree. Here are some health benefits of rubber plant:

Rubber plant promotes stomach health

It is not scientifically proven, but many people use the leaves of rubber plant to keep their stomachs healthy. It is a natural ingredient which does not have any artificial chemicals, so there is no harm from the usage of rubber plant. But, you need to talk with your doctor before you add the rubber plant in your diet, so you will be sure that it will not cause you side effects.

rubber plant medicinal uses

Natural analgesic

The leaves of rubber plant are having analgesic substances which can help to cure the inflammation. You should mash the fresh leaves of rubber plant and rub the affected part with them. You can use it on your skin, but also, you can use it to treat the teeth inflammation. In this case, you should not rub the mashed leaves; you should put them in a cup of water and you need to gargle this mixture. This is a reason why you should add it as one of your home flowers.

It will make your home better place, but also it will ensure you that you will stay away from allergies. It is safe for people who suffer from allergies, because it will not cause allergies to them. This plant does not produce pollens, which means that it will not cause you any allergic complications. This makes the rubber plant a perfect choice for hospitals, business outlets and other such places.

Natural anti – inflammatory properties

The leaves of rubber plant have powerful properties for curing the skin rash. You can do it by frequently rubbing the affecting area with mashed fresh leaves. Also, it can be used as home remedy for rheumatic diseases. You should combine 30 – 50 grams of the root of rubber plant with two glasses of water and boil it until it remains just one glass of it. You should let this home remedy to cool down and then, you should drink it.

Rubber plant decreased chances of getting allergies

One of the best health benefits of the rubber plant regarding air purification is its ability to minimize the chances of the person getting allergies, such as asthma. This health benefit of the rubber plant is helping to increase the humidity in a room and it can prevent pollutants and other unwanted particles to eventually turn into dust. You should take it in your home, so you will be sure that the air in your home is clean from pollutants. It was noticed that the rubber plant can reduce the formaldehyde from the surrounding air. Also, it was noticed that it can remove the carbon – di – oxide and carbon monoxide from the surroundings.


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