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How to gain weight naturally

Most people want to lose weight but there is a small group of people who want to gain weight. There are many different factors which contribute to why people cannot gain weight, such as genetics; lack of physical fitness; irregular meals; unhealthy eating habits and skyrocketing stress levels. If you want to gain weight, it is very important to keep a strict diet. You should keep the harmful fat away from your body and you should build up muscle mass.

There are plenty of home remedies which can help you to gain weight. When you are extremely underweight, then it can lead to a weakened immune system; frequent illness; anemia; bone loss and infertility. When you are eating foods to gain weight, you should not eat unhealthy foods because they can increase your weight in a short time but they are harmful for your health. These foods can cause big health problems, like diabetes and thyroid disease. Here are some home remedies that can help you to gain weight in natural way

How to gain weight naturally

Almond milk will help to gain weight naturally

This is one of the most effective home remedies which can help you to put on some pounds. You should boil milk with almonds, dates and dried figs. You should strain the milk and consume it warm. You should consume it on daily basis in a period of one month. You should not throw away the boiled dates, figs and almonds. You should eat them to get all the nutrition.

Banana and milk: Bananas are rich in calories. They will give you an instant energy lift [1]. This is a reason why often tennis players eat bananas between games. You should eat one banana every day in the morning and follow it up with a glass of warm milk sweetened with a teaspoon of sugar. This can help you to gain weight in a natural way.

Avoid stress: Many people lose weight due to the stress. If you have stressful situation at your home or work, then you can take yoga or master breathing techniques which can help to de – stress your body. When you have learned to de – stress and relax, then you will find it easy to put on weight. [2]

Nuts: You should eat nuts, like flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts and almonds because they are full of calories and they are a perfect snack between meals. You should eat them to enjoy in their taste but also to gain weight in a natural way. Nuts have healthy fats and they are a healthy way to increase your weight.

Potatoes: This vegetable is packed with carbohydrates so when you eat them on regular basis, then they can help to increase your body weight. You should grill or bake potatoes with butter and eat them. If you are French fries lover, then you should make them using extra virgin oil. If you add French fries in your diet, then it is very important to limit your consumption to two times per week. [3]

Eggs: This is a great body – building food because they are high in calories, fats and proteins. Also, eggs can give you many minerals and vitamins which can help you to stay healthy. If you want to grow muscles, then eggs can help you in it. You should eat the egg’s white of three to four eggs because it is considered to be effective in gaining weight. You should avoid eating raw eggs because it can be harmful to your health.

Blessed thistle: This is herb which has a beneficial action on your digestive system. It is used in the herbal preparation to improve the appetite and ease digestion.

Peanut butter: We know that the peanut butter is high in calories. This is one of the best ways for gaining weight. You should apply peanut butter on your bread or bagel and you will notice that you will increase your weight in a short time. [4]

Figs and raisins: It is known that dried figs and raisins are rich in calories so they can help you to gain weight. You should soak 6 dried figs and about 30 grams of raisins in water overnight. You should eat them the following day in two parts. In the most cases, people can see results in about twenty to thirty days.

Mango and milk: You should consume one ripe mango three times per day. You should eat a glass of warm milk after eating the mango. You will see the desirable results in a period of month.

Clarified butter and sugar: You should mix one tablespoon of clarified butter with one tablespoon of sugar. You should eat this home remedy at least half an hour before your meal on an empty stomach. In a period of one month you will see that you have gained weight.

Mango: When you drink fresh mango juice and a milkshake, then it can help you to gain weight fast. Mango is rich in fructose and it gets stored in the body as fat. You should combine mangoes with milk because this makes it even more beneficial if you want to add some weight. Mango is low in fat and cholesterol and sodium free which makes it a healthy option for weight gaining. If you do not like to consume mango shake, then you can eat one ripe mango and then drink a glass of milk and do this natural treatment two to three times every day in a period of month. [5]

Healthy oils: Flaxseed oil, canola oil, fish oil and olive oil are great for increasing weight because they have healthy fats and Omega – 3 fatty acids which can help to improve the overall health while at the same time, you will increase your weight.

Fruit juices: It is known that fruit juices are high in calories and they can add a significant amount of weight to your body in a fast way. They will keep you energetic and also they can help your body to store up the excess carbohydrates as fat. Tropical fruits, like pineapple and mango are great juices for gaining weight. Also, they are rich in vitamins and minerals which are essential for better health. You should extract the juice of any calorie – dense fruit and you should drink a glass of it on daily basis so you will have good results. [5]

Yogurt: It is packed with proteins which can help to build muscles faster. This can help to increase your overall body weight in a healthy way. Also, yogurt is a probiotic which has a good bacteria and this makes your gut healthy, as well as boost your immunity. You should consume one bowl of yogurt every day to get positive results. Also, you can add sugar in it to enhance taste and increase calories.

Dandelion root: This natural cure works by increasing your appetite. This root has unique blend of nutrients which can help to increase your weight by increasing your appetite. This home remedy is useful in treating many health problems, like dyspepsia, constipation and gallstones. You should make a dandelion decoction and sip it slowly. You can add sugar or little honey to it because this will enhance its bitter taste.

Chamomile tea: You should make a tea using extracts of chamomile and you should drink it on a regular basis to gain weight. It can help to improve your appetite and it will enable you to eat more and add more pounds.

Custard apples: This is a delicious way to gain some pounds. It can help to improve your metabolism while at the same time it will increase your appetite. This is a healthy way to increase your weight.

Crackers: If you want to gain weight, then crackers are some of the best choices for you. They are made of whole wheat which is rich in carbohydrates. When you eat high amount of carbohydrates, then it leads to weight gain. Crackers are considered as a good way for increasing your weight. You should eat them on regular basis with jams, butter and spreads to add up more calories.

Asparagus: It is a calorie – rich food which is making it a great addition to your diet if you want to gain weight. You should boil some milk and add a little asparagus powder to it. Also, you should add clarified butter to it and then mix it well. You should drink it two times per day in a period of two months.

Beans: Beans are high in protein and fiber. They are one of the best foods for gaining weight. You can add beans to your soups or salads. There are many different types of beans so you can easily choose your favorite and add them in your diet. You can add lentils, red beans, kidney beans, black beans and soybeans in your diet to increase your protein intake. Also, beans have carbohydrates which are essential for the weight gain. [6]

Avocado: This home remedy has healthy fats which can help to boost heart health while at the same time, you will gain weight. Also, avocado has high levels of folic acid, potassium and Vitamin E. This natural cure is packed with calories which can help you to gain weight faster. You should add avocado in your salads or in other recipes. Also, you can make a bread spread by using mashed ripe avocadoes.


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Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar
Dr. Ramesh kumar, BAMS is naturopathy doctor who is well versed with health benefits of all fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants


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