Effective natural treatments and home remedies for dengue fever


Dengue fever is the worst widespread virus which is affecting millions of people every year. The mortality rate is relatively low. Each year are affected between 50 million and 500 million people. This virus is transmitted via mosquitoes. This is tropical disease and it is used to be somewhat limited in this region but since the middle of 20th century, this disease has become endemic in more than one hundred countries. There are several types of mosquitoes which can transmit this disease of which there are 5 varieties. If you survive one type of dengue fever, then you have lifelong immunity to this variety but if you contract a second type of dengue fever, then this is resulting in more serious complications. The dengue fever is also known as breakbone fever. The symptoms of this condition are a skin rash that closely resembles measles, muscle pain, headaches, body aches and a sudden onset fever. 80% of contracted cases are asymptomatic or imperceptibly mild. 5% of cases are showing serious symptoms. Less than 1% of the cases prove to be fatal. Dengue shock and dengue hemorrhagic fever are the two most serious forms which dengue fever can take. There is not cure or vaccination for the dengue virus. The treatment of secondary condition is very common and in the most cases patients can survive.

Home remedies as natural treatment for dengue fever

Basil: When we say to chew some basil leaves, then this not sound appetizing but it is known fact that this is very important immune boosting – technique and it has been long recommended in the Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of the dengue fever [1]. Basil essential oil is also natural insecticidal agent which can prevent from the attacks of mosquitoes. This is making the basil a treatment and a preventive strategy.

Avoid eating solid foods: You should avoid eating solid foods until the dengue fever is gone. You can replace these foods by drinking plenty of juices and distilled water.

Fenugreek: Fenugreek leaves can reduce the fever and also it acts as a slight sedative to ease the pain and promote more restful sleep for the patients which are taking it. This is a popular home remedy for the symptoms of this condition in many places all around the world. Fenugreek tea is herbal blend which is effective natural cure for removing the fever symptoms. Also it has soothing effects which can clean you inside. [2]

Orange juice: This is also a very effective home remedy for dengue fever. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that are making it one of the best natural cures for treating the secondary symptoms of the dengue fever and it can eliminate the virus. This juice can help to stimulate the cellular repair due to Vitamin C’s crucial role in the creation of collagen, increase the urination and the release of toxins and promote antibodies of the immune system. [3]

Papaya leaves: Papaya leaves are widely known as a natural cure for dengue fever although the exact pathway is unclear. Papayas have a complex mix of organic compounds and nutrients can cause a rise in your platelet count. They have high amounts of Vitamin C which can stimulate the immune system. Also they have antioxidants which can help you to reduce the oxidative stress and eliminate toxins in your body. The papaya leaves can be crushed and then you should strain it with a cloth to drink the pure juice. [2,4]

Neem leaves: Neem leaves are one of the most used home remedies for many ailments and also it can be used as natural treatment for the dengue fever. You should steep neem leaves and then you should the subsequent brew. It was shown that it can increase the white blood count and blood platelet which are two of the most dangerous side effects of the virus. When the neem leaves are properly brewed, then they can improve your immune system and also they can return your strength much faster than other home remedies. [2,3]

Water: This is one of the most effective home remedies for dengue fever. Extreme dehydration is a common cause for dengue fever because there is excessive sweating, bodily exertion and the internal toll that the dengue fever that dengue fever takes on our bodies. You should drink as much as water as possible because in this way you will keep your body hydrated. This will ease the symptoms of dengue fever such as muscle cramps and headaches. Both symptoms are caused by the dehydration. Also the water will help you to flush the body and it will eliminate excess toxins which can complicate the viral impact of the pathogen.

Goldenseal: There are many home remedies and natural cures which are not directly proven or approved through research, homeopathic physicians have praised goldenseal for its ability to clear up the symptoms of this disease in very short way and also it can eliminate this virus from your body. This natural cure can help you to ease vomiting, nausea, headaches, chills and fevers. Also it has natural antiviral capacity which can cure dengue fever in a very short period.

Barley grass: This natural cure has unique ability to increase the body’s blood platelet count by stimulating the production of more blood cells. You can eat barley grass directly or drink barley tea and you will notice a rapid increase in the platelet count which is one of the most serious side effects of dengue fever which can prolong weakness and increase the susceptibility of the body to dengue hemorrhagic fever and other serious conditions. [5]

Bloodwort: This natural cure is used in the Ayurvedic medicine. When this herb is used in a hot infusion, then it brings on a sweat which expels the toxins from our bodies.

Acupuncture: When we talk about the acupuncture, then some people may think that this is crazy treatment for the dengue fever. When the acupuncture is done by a trained professional, then it can help you to lower the body temperature. [6]

YEP tea: This type of tea is made of peppermint, elderflower and yarrow. This home remedy is a blend of diaphoretic herbs. This means that they induce sweating to lower our body’s temperature.

Prevention: Prevention is the most effective form of treatment. But we know that the fending off annoying mosquitoes can be very difficult for every single person. Some of the most effective preventative strategies are avoiding or eliminating standing, stagnant water in those parts of the world where the mosquitoes reproduce. If you are in tropical or a heavily wooded area, then you should apply mosquito repellent to any exposed skin and clothes. You should keep your skin exposed at minimum and when you sleep you should be sure that your sleep is fully enclosed in which is also including tears is any mosquito netting that you may put in place to protect yourself.

Coriander leaves: If you want to reduce the fevers in the dengue, then you should take coriander leaves in a form of a tonic. [2]

Natural cures for dengue feverdengue fever treatment

Vitamin C: Every single person around the world knows the importance of the Vitamin C. You should take vitamins that are rich in Vitamin C such as amla (it is also known as embellica officinalis) because it can help you to have better absorption in iron. When we feel down and out, then we should add Vitamin C in our diets. You should take this vitamin at regular basis because it can help you to prevent the viruses, speed up the recovery process and also it will enhance the immune system. [3]

Hogweed: This natural cure can be used to bring down temperature. Hogweed produces plenty of perspiration which flashes out the toxins from your body and it brings the fever down.

Hermal seeds: The seeds of this natural cure are powdered and they can be taken as decoctin or an infusion to treat intermittent and recurrent fevers that are observed in dengue.

Turmeric: It is known fact that this home remedy can boost your metabolism and also it can make the healing process faster. Also you can consume this home remedy along with the milk. [7]

Cassia tree: The root of cassia tree is also one of the most used natural cures for dengue fever.

Tulasi leaf: You should use ten Tulasi leaves and one black pepper. You should take these ingredients in proportion. You should grind them and make pea size pills. You should use them with water. [2]

Zinc: This nutrient is required by our bodies because it can boost the protection of our bodies because this mineral assists in T Cell and natural killer cell activity.


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