Natural treatment for spermatocele

Home remedies for spermatocele

It is an abnormal cyst which develops in the epididymis that is small and coiled tube located on the upper testicle which collects and transports sperm. The spermatocele is noncancerous and usually painless. The spermatocele is usually filled with clear or milky fluid that may have sperm. It is not known the exact cause for spermatocele but it is thought that is caused from blockage in the one of the multiple tubes within the epididymis which store and transport sperm from the testicles. Usually, the spermatocele is not causing signs or symptoms and it may remain stable in size.

If it becomes large enough, then you can feel heaviness in the testicle with the spermatocele; pain or discomfort in the affected testicle; fullness behind and above the testicle. You can discover the spermatocele during a testicular self – exam or your doctor can find it during a routine physical exam.

It is known that those men whose mothers were taking DES during pregnancy to prevent the miscarriage or other pregnancy complications have increased risk of spermatocele [1]. Usually the spermatocele does not cause complications but if it is painful or it has grown so large that is causing you discomfort, then you may need surgery to remove it.

Children in rare cases need some kind of treatment for spermatocele because as they are getting older, most spermatocele will eventually disappear. If your spermatocele is large or painful, then your doctor may advice you to remove it surgically. You need to talk with your doctor if you have spermatocele before you start using some of the below mentioned home remedies for this condition.

Home remedies for spermatocele

Natural treatment for spermatocele

Chromium chloride: This natural cure functions to regulate the calcium buildup. Cysts are often forming when the blood sugar has high levels and the solubility of calcium in the bones and tissues is increased. This natural cure regulates the imbalance and it prevents buildup. You should avoid sugar and drink a lot of water because this can help you to increase the efficiency of this natural treatment.

Magnesium: This is also a very effective home remedy for the treatment of spermatocele because it agitates calcium and it works naturally to dissolve the growth. Often, cysts are formed as a result of calcium buildup and the magnesium supplement can help to regulate the amount of calcium in the body to prevent and eliminate further buildup. [2]

Iodine: This is a very effective home remedy for spermatocele. In many cases, spermatocele are caused by iodine deficiency so you should supplement your diet with iodine because it can help you in the treatment of spermatocele. Also you can apply iodine topically to the spermatocele and allow it to penetrate and reduce the size of the cyst. [3]

Turmeric: You can make a turmeric paste and apply it directly to the areas which are affected by the spermatocele. This home remedy has antiseptic and anti – inflammatory properties which can help the spermatocele to heal quickly and it prevents the attack by infections.

Yoga: This is a very effective natural treatment for the spermatocele. This technique connects your body with your mind. It has been known that this home remedy can bring healing on all diseases, including cancer. You can practice Hatha yoga to control and treat the epididymal cyst which is involving stretches that can help to treat spermatocele. [4]

Homeopathy: These remedies can be used in the treatment of spermatocele. Sepia and Phytollaca are two homeopathic remedies which can help you to deal with the spermatocele in the endocrinal organs. You should take these home remedies in the dosages that are recommended by the homeopath. It is very important to talk with your doctor on regular basis and follow his or her recommendations because in this way you will get better results.

Avoid acidic foods: If you suffer from spermatocele and you want to have effective treatment, then you should avoid acidic foods, such as sodas, sugars, coffee and specific dairy products. When you are avoiding acidic foods, then it will help you to ease the pain and reduce the inflammation.

Tomatoes: You should eat a lot of tomatoes. This home remedy has properties which can prevent the growth of spermatocele on the testicles. This natural cure has lycopene which is antioxidant. This element is readily absorbed and stored in the testicles. Also it will prevent the damage to tissues which are caused by free radicals and it prevents the growth of spermatocele and other infections. [5]

Pumpkin seeds: These seeds have magnesium, phosphorus and zinc which are very important for your prostate health. Zinc can help to regulate the number of sperms which are produced during ejaculation. Also, it can help to prevent the formation of cysts in the testicles. [6]

Water: You should drink a lot of water because this will keep your urethra clean. Also it can help to prevent the urinary tract infections. If the urinary tract infections are not prevented, then they can act as trigger to the growth of spermatocele.

Eat alkaline foods: When you suffer from spermatocele, then you should eat meals which are rich in alkaline foods. Those foods which are rich in alkaline can help to reduce the inflammation and pain. Some foods which are rich in alkaline are eggs, grains, whole fruits, nuts, legumes, vegetables and even meat.

Avoid using tight underwears: It is known that the tight underwears are reducing the production of sperms which could lead to the development of spermatocele and cysts in the testicles.

Zinc: This mineral is very important for our bodies because it is associated with over 300 enzyme systems of the body and it is very important for the health of the male reproductive system. There are many studies in which are found that people who are lack in zinc but it is discovered in concentrated stores in the prostate gland [7]. It is very important function in the male reproductive system to guarantee that testosterone is not converted into dihydrotestosterone which could lead to enlargement and inflammation of the prostate gland.

There are many male problems which are caused by zinc deficiency, such as decreased sperm count, prostatitis, infertility, decreased sexual performance, low sex drive and impotence. Zinc is focused on the sperm and it enhances the quantity and quality of the sperm produced. It is known that around 15 mg of zinc is lost with every ejaculation. This mineral can assist in the recovery of the harmed testes or the spermatocele. This is a reason why you can use zinc as your natural treatment for spermatocele. Talk with your doctor for the correct dosage for your condition.

Helpful herbal treatments: Those herbal treatments which are helpful are possessing anodyne action. They can help you to get a relief from the pain. Also they have antibacterial properties, especially herbs which can help to treat bacterial infections of the urinary tract. Stone root, mint balm and horsemint are examples of useful anodynes which can help in the treatment of spermatocele. Corn silk, buchu and usnea and examples of useful antibacterial herbs. Also there are other herbs which have been used through the history for the natural treatment of spermatocele, such as saw palmetto, kava kava, Echinacea, pulsatilla, yarrow, birch and willow.

Adopt a balanced diet: You should adopt a balanced diet which has low – fat concentration because this can help you to prevent the formation of spermatocele.

Varundi vati: This is a herbal formulation which is prepared from the essential herbs which can help to control conditions that are related to the male reproductive system. This is a mixture of four herbs and it can be found in tablet form so you need to talk with your doctor for the correct dosage of spermatocele.

Yarrow: This home remedy is often prescribed for the treatment of spermatocele. It has many health benefits for our bodies, such as reliving pain and reducing inflammation [8]. Also it has antiseptic properties which are reason why it is used for the treatment of many different genitourinary conditions, such as excessive menstrual flow, bleeding hemorrhoids and vaginitis. The leaves and flowers of the yarrow are used for many different health problems. You can use the yarrow as your natural treatment for spermatocele so talk with your doctor before you start consuming it.


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