Nursing Issues: 5 Common Problems

Nursing Issues

Nursing is one of those jobs that are put under high – pressure. As a nurse, you have a lot of responsibilities, such as updating paperwork, assisting in procedures, helping patients, and many more. Healthcare is very important. But, nowadays, there are many nursing issues that cause problems for nurses. Nurses dedicate their lives to caring for others, but on the other hand, their own professional and personal needs may fall by the wayside.

Nursing Issues
Nursing Issues

Nursing Issues:

Below are given the most common Nursing Issues that nurses are facing:

Long working hours

Many people work long hours and overtime, so this is true for nurses also. It is expected for nurses to complete 12 – hour shifts with additional overtime too. This problem mainly depends on staff, but when there has been a serious accident, nurses stay overtime at work. The work which is done is amazing, but it is very important for nurses to take the well–deserved breaks. Women who work as nurses, physically and emotionally are stressed and it is very important for you to have enough time to rest. When you are exhausted at work, then you do not work your job best, so you need to take your deserved rest.

Meeting patient expectations

In many cases, patients have high expectations from nurses. But, due to the budget and staffing cuts, nurses cannot always meet patient’s expectations. This leads to immense strain on the nurses, who usually have a lot of patients to look after. When they hear that their patients are not happy with their level of service, then this affects the morale and it put nurses under a great amount of negative stress. Hospitals can help nurses. They need to include enough nurses on shift so everyone will have extra support available. But, it is very important for nurses to look after themselves because being too stressed can lead to many health problems.

Staff storages

Hospitals are trying to meet their budgets and save costs whenever they can. This may mean that fewer members of staff will work at busy times. This is putting extra pressure on staff because they have less support while working long hours. When fewer nurses are working in shifts, this means more work for nurses that are on shift.

Personal health

Nurses work in healthcare and this is a very stressful occupation. It could lead to stress-related health problems. This is a reason why you need to relax and take time away from your work to help you unwind. Although, it is mentally exhausting, working as a nurse is physically strenuous too. Many nurses suffer from sore feet and back problems. Working 12 – hour shift is very demanding.

But, if you wear especially–designed shoes, then it can ease problems and keep you on your feet at all times. Healthcare shoes are specifically created for healthcare workers, including nurses. They provide excellent support, comfortable insoles, and slip-resistant grip and all of the mentioned features will help you when you work in a hospital.

Workplace hazards

Nurses regularly work with heavy equipment, sharp tools, and needles. You need to train all staff properly, so you will avoid accidents. You should always follow rules and regulations to ensure they are not injured, along with their colleagues. If there are any potential hazards, then deal with them immediately. Wet floors can cause serious accidents. Nurses are busy, so it is easy for them to forget to check the potential dangers. But, wearing the appropriate footwear can help to reduce the chance of an accident happening. Healthcare shoes are very effective. They are slip-resistant. They are very effective on slippery floors, so they will help you to stay on your feet.

Workplace violence

Violence toward nurses can range from verbal to something more serious. It has been found by WHO that between 8 – 38% of health care works have suffered from some kind of physical violence during their career. Nurses are receiving extensive training, so they will be prepared for these situations. Hospitals have control measures and risk assessments in place, so they can know when someone is acting violently.


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