Lemon balm relax nerves, improves digestive health and battles gastrointestinal disorders and Acts as an antioxidant

Health benefits of lemon balm

The scientific name of lemon balm is Melissa officinalis. It has many health benefits and numerous uses. The lemon balm is a part of the mint family. It is known that this plant is attracting for bees. Lemon balm does not grow very tall. It has small yellow flowers that bloom in the spring and summer months. The leaves of lemon balm can be yellowish green to dark green which depends on climate and soil type. When you are rubbing lemon balm leaves on your hands, then it exudes a tart and sweet aroma. You can store the lemon balm leaves in the refrigerator for a few days. You can preserve the dried leaves of lemon balm in airtight containers. You can find the lemon balm leaves in markets in many different ways. The dried lemon balm leaves can be purchased in jars. Also you can purchase lemon balm capsule, tea and essential oil. The flowers, stems and leaves are all beneficial. In the ancient Roman civilization, the lemon balm was used for medical treatments.

Health benefits of lemon balm:

Relax nerves: There are many reasons why you can get tensed, such as professional, personal and other causes. Lemon balm has mild sedative properties which can be your solution. When you are using lemon balm infusion or tincture in the mentioned situations, then it can make wonders. Also you can use the lemon balm to get a relief from tension after you return from work.

Treats mouth infection: You can use the lemon balm to treat instances of oral infections and results like bad breath and bleeding gums. You should mix a few drops of lemon balm essential oil to a mouthwash and then use it to gargle because it can kill the bacteria and freshen up the inside of the mouth.

Skin health: This home remedy is useful for keeping the skin in top condition for both men and women. Also the lemon balm is ideal for treating the skin inflammation. It has strong natural astringent properties which mean that people who are prone to acne or who have oily skin can use it as a natural treatment for these conditions. Lemon balm can help to cleanse clogged skin pores which actually pave way to skin rashes and acne.

Boosts immunity levels: When you are using lemon balm, then it can boost your immunity levels. Lemon balm has components like rosmarinic and caffeic acid which are possessing antiviral and antibacterial properties. The lemon balm can effectively thwart the onset of infection in healthy cells.

Health benefits of lemon balm

Effective benefits of lemon balm

Helps alleviate muscle pain, aches: The lemon balm can be effectively used for reducing the muscle pain and aches which accompany the flu. It has antispasmodic properties which can help to reduce the muscular spasms. When you have a fever and when you use the lemon bam, then it leads to sweating which can bring some relief. When you are sweating, toxins in the body are also discarded. Eugenol which a component in the lemon balm can help to reduce the pain.

Improves digestive health and battles gastrointestinal disorders: When you are drinking lemon balm tea and its infusion, then it can help to improve the condition of digestive health. The lemon balm has been used since ages to heal the gastrointestinal distress, in which are included indigestion and stomach problems. Also it is useful in alleviating the symptoms of bloating. Lemon balm has essential oils which can soothe the gastrointestinal tract. When the lemon balm is combined with peppermint and other herbs, then it can effectively treat dyspepsia.

Acts as an antioxidant: We know that we are exposed to harmful free radicals every day. Free radicals can damage our health. Antioxidants can help you to fight against the free radicals. Lemon balm has antioxidants which can fight against free radicals.

Helps in coping with dementia and related ailments: There are some studies in which are said that the lemon balm can help in the treatment of memory loss and dementia. There was one study in 2003 in which was found that candidates who took lemon balm achieved better marks in memory tests. Also it can reduce agitation caused by Alzheimer’s disease in people who use lemon balm.


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