Suprising health benefits of tamarind leaves

tamarind leaves nutrition facts

This is a plant which has a myriad of health benefits. All parts of the tamarind have hundreds of benefits, including its leaves, bark and fruit pulp. Tamarind leaves are used in the Ayurvedic medicine for its health benefits. Tamarind has been used in the Indian cuisines since centuries to give the classic sour taste. Tamarind leaves have green color. They are longitudinal in shape. If you want to use it in the cuisine, then you can use tamarind leaves in both forms – fresh and dried. These leaves have many different health benefits. They contribute to both medicine and cuisine. Tamarind leaves have antiseptic, astringent and cathartic properties which are making them an important element in the Ayrvedic medicine. They are rich in Vitamin A. There are not noticed side effects from the usage of tamarind leaves but talk with your doctor before you start using them in your diet. Here are some health benefits of tamarind leaves:

Tamarind leaves Provide relief from hypertension

Nowadays, it is very common to have hypertension. Tamarind leaves can help to lower the high blood pressure. When you have low blood pressure, then it means that you have lower risk of cardiovascular diseases, strokes and more.

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Tamarind leaves treats ulcer

This condition is a bane of someone’s existence because they can lead to unbearable pain. It is recommended to use the juice from tamarind leaves to cure ulcers and to give you a relief from the symptoms of this condition.

Increases antioxidant capacity of the body

These elements are very important for us because they can help us to rid of the free radicals. Free radicals are cause for cancer, aging skin and many other health problems. The extract from tamarind leaves can help to stay away from these problems because it is rich in antioxidants.

Tamarind leaves good for oral health and tooth ache

It is very important to have good oral hygiene. The bad breath is one of the main complaints that patients suffer from. Also the tooth ache is one of the major problems in the oral health. Tamarind leaves are one of the best home remedies for the both mentioned problems.

Protects the body from infections

These leaves are rich in Vitamin C which can protect you from microbial infections and this will help you to have a healthy body.

Posses anti – inflammatory properties

These leaves have anti – inflammatory properties which can be used as a natural treatment for joint pains and other inflammations

Provides relief from menstrual cramps

You can use the tamarind leaves and bark extract to lessen the pain of menstrual cramps and making your periods more manageable because they have analgesic properties. Also you can add water, salt and leaves of papaya to the tamarind leaves because they will increase the efficiency of tamarind leaves. You should not use too much salt in this mixture.

Inhibits genital infections

You can use the tamarind leaf extract to stop the genital infections. Also this will give you a relief from the symptoms of these infections.

Improves lactation

Lactating mothers can use the extract from tamarind leaves to improve the quality of the breast milk.

Heals wounds

If you have wounds, then you can use the juice from tamarind leaves and apply it on them. This will help wounds to heal faster because the tamarind leaves have antiseptic properties. The juice in the tamarind leaves can prevent any other infections and parasitic growth. Also the generation of new cells is accelerated.

Tamarind leaves help cure scurvy

This condition is caused by Vitamin C deficiency. Scurvy is also known as sailor’s disease. This condition is generally accompanied by symptoms like fatigue, bleeding gums and nails, etc. Tamarind leaves have high ascorbic acid content which is acting as an anti – scurvy vitamin.

Cures jaundice and diabetes

When you consume a concoction of tamarind leaves, then it will help to control the blood sugar levels in your body and this will increase the insulin sensitivity. Also this will help to cure jaundice.

Tamarind leaves Provide relief from malaria

This condition is caused by the female Anopheles mosquito. These leaves can inhibit the growth of plasmodium falciparum which is carried by mosquito and which is the cause for malaria.


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