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Natural cures for poison oak

Poison oak home remedy

Many people enjoy in the great outdoors activities when it is summer and in these circumstances we can have some rashes that are caused by poison oak. But also when we get in a contact with the poison sumac or poison ivy, then we can come in contact with the urushiol. This oil is found in berries, flowers, leaves, stem and roots in the poison oak and poison ivy. When we touch this plant, then the urushiol is affecting our skin. This skin irritation can range from mild to severe. Many people all around the world are allergic to urushiol which means this is a very severe infection. This skin irritation is characterized by swelling, blistering and redness. You should remember that you should never burn the poison oak. We can use some poison oak home remedy and natural cures that can help us to combat the urushiol. Talk with your doctor before you start using some of the mentioned natural remedies for poison oak.

Here are some poison oak home remedy

  • Medicated body powder/rubbing alcohol: One of the easiest and quickest methods for treating poison oak and poison ivy are these remedies. You should clean the areas where you have poison oak rash. Then, you should dry this area. You should spread a layer of rubbing alcohol on the clean areas which you have cleaned before. Then, you need to sprinkle the body powder over the areas where you have applied the alcohol. You should make a paste from these two ingredients. You should continue with making it until you have noticed that all areas are completely covered. Then, you should wrap these areas with gauze. This natural cure will help you to get a relief from the itchiness that is caused by the poison oak rash and those areas will be dry and clean.
  • Banana peels: If you do not have gauze, rubbing alcohol or body powder in your house, then you can use banana peels as your natural cures for poison oak. This will give you a temporary relief from this condition. You should rub the inside area of the peel on the irritated areas. This will give you a temporary relief from this condition until you find another home remedy that will be better. [1]
  • Potato/oatmeal pastes: If you do not have enough amounts of body powder, then you can use foods such as potatoes that are natural substitute. Many people who have sunburns that are a kind of inflammatory condition are using potatoes as their natural remedy and they have noticed improvements in their condition. You need to blend the potato. You should apply this paste on the areas where you are feeling itching. Also you can use oatmeal as your natural poison oak home remedy. You can add it in the bathwater so you need to soak your body in it or you can apply it as a paste. Before you apply any kind of anti – itching remedy, you need to start with a rubbing alcohol.
  • Tea bags: You should soak chamomile tea bags in water. Then, you should soak the affected areas of your skin. Before you apply this natural poison oak home remedy you should be sure that the water is cold. Dab a cotton pad in the cold tea and you should apply this pad on your rashes after every few hours.
  • Cucumber: You need to cut slices of a fresh cucumber. Then, you need to apply these slices on the places where you have poison oak rashes. This will help you to cool down the inflammation. [2,3]
  • Vodka and vinegar: You can use a high – proof alcoholic beverage as a substitute for the rubbing alcohol. You can sterilize the area with this alcohol and this can help you in the prevention of an infection. After you have came in a contact with a poison oak you need to apply the vinegar or vodka as soon as possible in the same way as you apply the rubbing alcohol. The poison ivy and poison oak have urushiol oil which is an allergen. This allergen is a reason for the itchiness. These alcohols will help you to wash away this allergen which means that it works properly. If you do not have rubbing alcohol or vodka in your home, then you can use vinegar as your natural poison oak home remedy because it can help you to calm down the itchiness.
  • Coffee: If you do not have any of the mentioned foods and alcohols in your home, then you can use a coffee as your natural treatment. One of the most popular ways to treat the poison oak is to use one cup of cold and black coffee. This product has anti – inflammatory component which is known as chlorogenic acid. This will help you to soothe the irritation. You need to wash and sterilize the areas which are affected before you apply some of the mentioned poison oak home remedy.
  • Wash your skin ten to fifteen minutes after you have a contact with the poison oak: If you had a contact with poison oak, then it affects you with the urushiol. Your skin can absorb this oil in a period of 30 minutes. You need to use warm water and anti – bacterial soap to scrub these areas. You need to wash every part of your body that you think it is affected with the urushiol oil. But also you need to wash your hands and wash under your fingernails. Also you can apply a rubbing alcohol on those areas because it can prevent the urushiol to be absorbed by your skin. You need to cover your skin with an olive oil or sheen and then you should wash it appropriately. You need to wash your footwear, clothes or any other object that you had at the moment when you came in a contact with the poison oak. You should use detergent and also you need to use bleach on your clothes. Also you can apply rubbing alcohol on the objects which came in a contact with the poison oak. There are many cases when people are not riding of the poison oak rashes because they keep reintroducing the poison to their skin via pets, clothes, objects and shoes.
  • Apply soothing lotions like calamine or Aloe Vera directly to the poison oak rash: If you want to rid of the poison oak symptoms, then you should use calamine lotion. This lotion has anti – itch properties and also it is mildly antiseptic which means it will protect you from this infection. When it evaporates, then it leaves a powdery residue that will soak any oozing from the blisters or rash. When you have noticed that the rash has started to crust over or to heal, then you should switch to Aloe Vera or another lotion which is less drying. [4]
  • Use a cool, wet compress to rid of the poison oak symptoms: You should fight against the fire of this condition with ice. You should rag ice cubes or place an ice pack on your rash. You should do this poison oak home remedy treatment in a period of half an hour to one hour several times per day. You need to keep your rash with cool which will constrict your blood vessels. This will lessen the inflammation and itching. Also you can compress using whole milk.

Natural cures for poison oak

  • Be patient and allow your poison oak rash to heal: As the time passes by you will notice that you will rid of the poison oak rash and after this time has passed you can see improvements in your condition. You need to be patient in this period and you should let the natural remedies for poison oak to stay comfortable and sane. When you are healing this condition, then you need to keep your fingernails trimmed. You need to do anything which can help you to stay away from scratching because this will prolong the poison oak rash and also it can lead to scarring and infection. After you came in a contact with the poison oak, you need to change your clothes as soon as possible and you should be careful when you are taking off the clothes from you because the urushiol can spread to other objects in your house. You should launder your clothes several times before you wear it again. After you have been exposed to poison oak exposure, you should not wash your body with any concentration of liquid bleach. This is not helpful product for your condition and the vapors can be irritating to your lungs, throat, nose and eyes. This will irritate your inflamed skin even more which can lead to pain and redness to sensitive parts of your body.
  • Buttermilk or yogurt: You should apply a yogurt or buttermilk on the affected areas because you will get a relief from this condition. These natural poison oak home remedy will draw out the fluid from the blisters which mean that you will get a relief. [5]
  • Baking soda: You need to make a paste from one part of water and three parts of baking soda. Mix them and make a paste. With a help of spatula or brush you should apply this paste on the rashes. You should let this paste to dry. You need to apply this poison oak home remedy paste every few hours because this will prevent your rashes to turn into blisters.

Above are some of the poison oak home remedy.


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