How to avoid baldness at early age through natural methods

avoid baldness

We all want to have healthy, shiny and strong hair. But all people do not have this luck. This can be a very embarrassing condition. There are many people who lose their hair in their 20’s which can lead to baldness at a very young age. In the most cases men are experiencing this condition. It is a very traumatic condition. People think that having baldness at their early ages is normal but if they lose their hair in their early ages, then this is considered as disorder. There are many causes for baldness but the most common causes are unhealthy lifestyles, nutritional deficiencies, heredity reasons and hormonal imbalances. Many men are prone to this condition which is making them to feel low compared with people who have strong and healthy hair. Every single person loses few follicles of hair every day which is a very common problem in this modern era. Also women can be affected with this condition. Illness, pregnancy, menopause and aging are reasons why women can have thinning in their hairs. You should make some dietary changes at the preventing baldness at early stages.

Natural methods which can help you to avoid baldness at early age

Get enough protein: Many people who have experienced baldness have decided to make medical treatments about this condition. But they are not effective in all cases. Many times they do not give the desired results. This means that you should make an effort to make some changes in your diet. We know that our hair is made of protein which is known as keratin. The nutritional deficiencies are one of the biggest causes for baldness. You should consume protein rich diet because the protein is the root cause of healthy hair. You should minimize the intake of high – fat foods. You should eat food that is rich with protein such as green peas, oats, walnuts, green leafy vegetables, soy protein, bean sprouts, fish, eggs and raisins. Also you should consume minerals because they can help women to reduce their temporary baldness. You should increase the intake of magnesium, potassium, iron and copper because this will help you to have strong and healthy hair. The best sources of minerals are eggs, seeds and nuts.

Reduce stress: In many cases the root cause for baldness is the stress. You should practice meditation. This can help you to reduce stress and also it will help you to restore your hormonal balance. You should also do some exercises such as bike, swim or walk for half an hour to one hour per day. Also you can try playing tennis because in this way you will take out your aggression by hitting the ball. Also you should try to write or talk it out. You should talk with your therapist, family member or friends what you are experiencing.

Regularly wash your hair with mild shampoo: You should wash your hair at regular basis. This will prevent hair loss. Also your scalp and hair will be clean. When you are washing your hair with mild shampoo, then you are lowering the risk of infections and dandruff which in many cases are a reason for the baldness. Also when you have clean hair, then you will have good impression of it because it has higher volume.

Boil potatoes and rosemary in water on your stove top: You should strain this liquid. You should use this natural treatment every day as a hair rinse.

Use egg oil (eyova): You should massage egg oil into your scalp and you should let it stay there throughout the night. You should shampoo off this home remedy in the morning with mild shampoo but it is recommended using herbal shampoo. You should use the shampoo just once because if you repeat it, then it will remove the natural lipids of your hair which will make it brittle and dry. You should use the egg oil two to three times per week in a period of at least twelve weeks if you want to have visible results. You should use the egg oil at regular basis because it can help you to have proper nourishment of the cell membranes. You should continue with the long term massage therapy of egg oil because in this way you will prevent the graying and hair fall. If you stop using it, then this can gradually bring back hair fall problems and it will resume the graying. This type of oil is mess free and it is stable. This oil is more convenient alternative to the egg yolk masks. This oil does not smell like cooking in the hair during a hot shower or like raw egg yolks. With this home remedy you do not have a risk of getting salmonella which can lead to scalp infection. You can buy this natural treatment online or you can make it at your home.

Massage your hair: When your hair is dried, then the hair follicles are going inactive and dormant. This will make your hair to look weak. This condition can lead to temporary hair loss but also it can lead to baldness. If you want to restore the healthy look of your hair, then you should need to stimulate the hair growth. This can be done when you are massaging your hair once in 2 days. This will stimulate the circulation which will make your hair follicles to be active. Experts are recommending natural oils such as coconut oil, safflower oil and canola oil to be used for this massage. Also some doctors are recommending applying Emu oil because it will moisturize and cleanse your scalp very easily. Also this natural cure will fight dandruff. It will help you in the growth of skin cells around the hair follicles. These natural oils can be your natural treatment in restoring the hair growth. They are also very effective natural cures for dandruff.

Consume more vitamins: Vitamins are having one of the biggest roles in the wear and tear of the body. They are very important for your hair because they are giving it proper nourishment. Also they help in the growth of thick and healthy hair. You should consume Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Vitamin A because they can help you to have healthy hair. These vitamins can protect your hair from hair loss, discoloration and damaging. You should add B complex vitamins in your diet because they will boost the circulation levels throughout your body which also includes your scalp. You should eat fish, egg and dairy products because they are rich with Vitamin B12. Also you should consume whole grains and cod, potatoes and cereals because they are rich with Vitamin B6.

Rubbing your scalp with juices: You should try rubbing your scalp with ginger juice, onion juice or garlic juice. You should use just one of the mentioned juices. You should never mix them. You should let the selected juice to stay on your scalp throughout the night. When you wake up in the morning, then you should wash it out.

 avoid baldness

Try Aloe Vera juice and neem paste: This is one of the best natural treatments for controlling the hair fall. You should mix neem powder with Aloe Vera juice. You should add 2 – 3 drops of coconut oil in this mixture. You should apply this home remedy on your scalp. Let it stay there in a period of 30 minutes. You should wash it off using shampoo. You should do this natural treatment once per week if you want to get the desired results.

Take care of the hair that you have: You should never brush wet hair. You should also avoid rubbing your hair dry with a towel. You should let it air dry. Also you can blow dry it to the point of dampness and then you should let it dry from there.

Try fenugreek (methi) seeds treatment: This home remedy will provide shine to your hair. Also it will add strength to your hair if you use it at regular basis. You should soak and grind one cup of Indian methi seeds (fenugreek) with an enough amount of water to make a paste. You should apply this natural treatment on your scalp. Then, you should massage your scalp with it. Massage it lightly. You should let this home remedy to stay on your scalp for thirty minutes. Then, you should rinse out using cold water.

Rub rangoli henna into your hair: This is a green powder with the texture of talc which seals the hair cuticle. It will strengthen your hair shaft at the root.

Rub green tea into your hair: Green tea is also a very effective home remedy for preventing baldness at early age. It has anti – oxidant properties which will prevent the hair loss and also they will help hair growth. In one cup of water you should brew two bags of green tea. You should let this tea to cool slightly. Then, you should apply this natural treatment to your hair. You should let this natural cure to stay on your hair in a period of one hour. Then, you should rinse your hair.


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