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Reduce cramps before period : Signs & Tips to release

More than half of women during menstruation experienced pain because of cramps menstrual discomfort. Although this is not a serious health problem, it can affect your life so much. Let us together find out the cause of cramps in women pre-menstrual period and how to reduce cramps before period.

Cramps: What is the status?

Cramps are strong contractions, pain and tightening of the muscles, usually come on suddenly and last from a few seconds to several minutes. Cramps usually occur in the legs.
Cramps occur at night usually sudden contraction or tightening of the muscles in the calf. Cramps can sometimes occur in the thigh or foot and often occur when you are sleeping or just waking.

Signs of cramps before period

Dysmenorrhea can range from mild to quite severe. Mild dysmenorrhea can be almost negligible and in a short time. Sometimes, they feel like just a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen. Severe menstrual pain can be so painful that they interfere with normal activities of women in a few days.

Relying upon the origin of cramps before period, you may also get different symptoms. For instance, you may notice signs pink spots related to ovulation or surgical process. Besides, you may find out that you bear latex milky white or brown you can exhaust before period.
Most female who undergo the same agonized symptoms before their period. For instance, cramps can be very agonized and impact daily activeness or they may be a flat pain. Abdomen pain may be also roots of pain in your dorsum and interior quadriceps.

Other symptoms may be accompanied by cramps before period is a headache, obstipation or diarrhoea, and a multiplied demand frequent urination.

Reason of cramps before period

During your menstrual cycle, the uterus contracts to help to expel its lining. Hormone like substance (prostaglandin) involved in pain and inflammation cause uterine contractions. Higher levels of prostaglandin related menstrual cramps severe.

Cramps before period can be caused by – Pre-menstrual cramps before period
A lot of females suffer cramps before their period as the normal cycle of them.
Cramps before menstruation is named painful menstruation. This reasons gentle to terrible abdomen pain one or two days before catamenial haemorrhage starts. For some females, cramps can take some days. Besides dysmenorrhea, you may suffer from diarrhea, extreme fatigue or an emotion of press in the belly.

Cramps before period due to ovulation
Abdominal pain 2 weeks before period can be an evidence of ovulation.
Ovulation occurs about your interval’s mid and usually occurs 2 weeks before the beginning of your next period. According to the Association of American Pregnancy, spots and cramps often occur during ovulations. Some women may experience an explosive acute abdomen pain when ovulation and this is named mittelschmerz.

Implantation cramps just before menstruation
You may have abdominal pain before your period if surgery has occurred and you were with child. For some females, transplant and implant cramp spots are first evidence of gestation.
Some signs to the other side of gestation contains latex white, changing hormones have an effect upon pectus perimeter and your status, increase fatigue, queasiness with or without hyperemesis.

Menstrual cramps caused by Ovarian cysts

  • Cysts that organized by the ovaries may be the reason of pain during a menses. Most ovarian cysts are not malignant.
  • Ovarian cysts are the cause of abdominal pain in the face as well.
  • Cramps before the start of menstruation maybe an evidence of adenomyosis.
  • Tissue growing inside of endometrial ectopic on other generative organs is named the endometrium.

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

  • Other symptoms of adenomyosis include palish spots in the middle of your period, agonized intestine movements, and trismus after sexual-intercourse.
  • One reason you may suffer menstrual cramps before that if you have pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).
  • The bacteria get into your generative system can influence your generative organs and create abdomen pain without period.
  • Other cause of pelvic inflammatory diseases including sexually transmitted diseases (STD), has an IUD fitted, or infections after childbirth.

Fibroids related to cramps before period

  • Fibroids grow inside harmless rectus of the womb can make light to hard cramps before your period.
  • Gynecologists often track the development of fibromas. If any fibroma make hard abdomen cramps before menstruation, they develop very large.


  • In uncommon occasions, degenerative pelvic pain and suffering before your period maybe a cause of ovarius cancer or uterus cancer.
  • Remember that cramps and spots before your periodare usually a sign of something less minacious.

Other cause of cramps before period – Stress

  • Stress is also a reason why you may get cramps before your period.
  • Stress may be the cause of hormonal imbalances in your body that make disfunction of your catamenial interval.

Syndrome of irritable bowel (IBS)

The exact reason of syndromes of irritable bowel is unexplored. It was attributed to a numerousness of causes, such as effects in the gastrointestinal (GI) motility road, signal the nervous system is not normal, increased sensation to hurt, and intolerance to food.
If you have syndrome of irritable bowel and you must ache before period, examine my article on natural hydrotherapy to manage syndromes of irritable bowel.

Other causes of abdomen pain before menstruation or after period contains such as,
• Appendicitis cause colic pain on the right hand.
• Calculus may lead to pelvic pain when they go through the genitourinary system.
• Gastric ulceration can lead to a stinging hurt in your lower abdomen and blood faeces.
• A food allergy is also noted to cause stomach cramps.
• Constipation and stool can be painful hard stomach.

Tips to reduce cramps before period
To help reduce cramps before period, here are 8 effective ways for you.

1. Improving diet to reduce cramping

  • Reducing fat and increasing vegetables in the diet can help assuage the monthly cramps. This diet also helps enhance your overall health too.
  • Please reduced-fat foods from animal meat products. Instead, you should use unsaturated fats in olive oil. If you drink milk, you should also choose a low-fat.

2. Using painkillers

In case of pain caused by menstrual cramps make you too uncomfortable, you could use a dose of pain medication as prescribed by your doctor. Absolutely should not arbitrarily use of painkillers without consulting a doctor.

3. Drinking tea

  • Some certain teas can help relieve pain from menstrual cramps. Although research on teas help reduce menstrual pain quite scarce, the use of tea is a popular experience is said to be highly effective.
  • The reason is that some leaves may act like estrogen. To be careful, you can also consult your doctor first, especially if you have a history of cancer, hormone-related hormones or blood-thinning medications each.
  • A drug commonly used as cramp bark. Boil 2 teaspoons of bark in a cup of water and simmer for about 15 minutes and drink three times a day. In case, you are taking diuretics for blooding pressure or lithium, please consult your doctor first.
  • Tea with peppermint oil may also be useful in this case. According to experts, you should drink this tea in a week before the date of the forecast period.

4. Fish oil supplementation and vitamin B1

A decrease menstrual cramps is the use of natural fish oil or vitamin B1, or both, according to experts. So, you can add this vitamin to reduce cramps before period.

5. Acupuncture

Acupuncture can help relieve cramps by relaxing the nervous system. Acupuncture is also said to have anti-inflammatory effects. However, if you choose this method, you need to look at the facility, hospital medicine reputed to ensure safety.

6. Massage with essential oils to relieve pain

Using a certain number of essential oils for massage can also reduce cramps before period.

7. Use a hot pack

Use hot pack is considered to be one of the effective measures to relieve pain from menstrual cramps, experts said. You can buy a hot pack or simply plugged in a warm towel to pressure on the lower abdomen.

8. Strengthen the amount of endorphins

Apart from analgesia, endorphins can promote your mood. And you know that orgasm can create endorphins or not? Both exercises too. Though this may be the last two you want to do when the pain menstrual cramps are abused, the fact that enhancing endorphins help relieve pain still quite a lot.

If symptoms of menstrual cramps or severe pain you can not defuse it applies despite the above measures, please see your doctor to check if you have other health problems or not.

Time to get advice from doctor

Normally, the remedy for menstrual pain is adequate to come through the hurt. Nevertheless, hard cramps often occur before period can be an evidence of some diseases more severe. If menstrual cramps lasting more than 4 days, you should go to your doctor to check.

Above is the leading cause of illness and cramping remedy this condition. Hopefully the information of reduce cramps before period above will become more useful to you. Wish you overcome the cramps before period.



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