7 Amazing Green Banana Health Benefits

Health benefits of green banana

We all eat bananas, but not many of us have heard that the green banana has also benefits for the health. It is rich in fiber, so they are good for people with digestive and bowel problems. Especially, they are beneficial for people with constipation and IBS. It is a powerhouse of nutrients. The green banana takes part of many savoury Indian preparations. You can steam it, boil it and stir – fry it. Also, the green banana can be curried, mashed, deep – fried and batter fried. It can be used in dips, salads or as stuffing. Also, many people make fine chips of green banana.

Also, it is rich in potassium, which acts as vasodilator and it can help to regulate the blood pressure levels. It is rich in nutrients and it is good for diabetic people. It enables the slow release in sugar. You can cook the green banana to have better absorption of nutrients. In the Caribbean cooking, green bananas are used a lot. They are often prepared as a vegetable, mostly in savory dishes. You should not doubt to add them in your diet as soon as possible. They have many health benefits, so you will never regret for the usage. Here are some health benefits of green banana:

green banana recipes

Green banana good for stomach

It is rich in fiber which can help to ease conditions, like constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. You can have green bananas steamed or boiled with a pinch of salt. Some of the healthiest ways to have green bananas is to have them steamed or boiled. When you fry raw bananas, then it will add amount to excess calorie load. When you are buying green bananas, you should opt for the ones with fresh, green peel and without any discoloration, bruises or dark spots. You should add green bananas in your diet as soon as possible.

Good source of resistant starch

You should know that this is a good source of resistant starch. It is a type of starch which is not fully broken down and absorbed by your body during the time of digestion. This is turned into short – chain fatty acids by the intestinal bacteria. The resistant bacteria can help to keep the cholesterol in check.

Green banana good for diabetics

It is known that It has low sugar content. The glycemic index of green bananas is 30. Foods which are low on glycemic index 55 or less are digested, absorbed and metabolized slowly, which ensures no sudden surge in the blood sugar levels. Also, It is rich in dietary fiber which is highly recommended for diabetic people.

Promote development of probiotic bacteria

These are very beneficial bacteria for your gut. It is one of best sources of good bacteria.

Excellent source of vitamins

It is rich in vitamins and minerals. It has potassium, but also, they have Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. It can facilitate the absorption of essential nutrients and minerals, especially calcium.

Weight loss benefits

You should know that green bananas are rich in dietary fiber. This element takes longest to digest, which in turn can induce the feelings of satiety and fullness. When you are feeling full, your cravings will be suppressed and you do not need to eat foods which will add you extra calories.

Good for heart

It is rich in potassium. In one cup serving of green bananas there are 531 milligrams of potassium. This mineral is playing an important role in the proper kidney function. Also, this mineral is vasodilator, which can help to ensure that the blood pressure levels are in check.

Full of fiber

It is rich in fiber. This element is playing an important role in ensuring the digestive health, as well as the heart health. In 100 grams of green bananas, there are 2.6 grams of fiber. This element adds bulk to the stool, aids the bowel regularity and facilitating the smooth digestion. When you are consuming foods rich in fiber, then it can help to maintain the blood sugar levels. Also, fiber ensures low cholesterol levels, which in turn can reduce the risk of stroke or attack.


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