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Farro – Top 5 Amazing Health Benefits

Farro is also known as emmer in some parts of the world. It is a type of ancient wheat grain that has been eaten for thousands of years. Nowadays, you can find farro in many restaurants, like Middle Eastern, Ethiopian, and the Mediterranean. In this period, in Italy, farro (which is high–fiber food) is staging a comeback as a gourmet specialty.

This is due to its high amounts of protein, fiber, and nutrients, like iron and magnesium. Farro looks like wheat berries. It is a little light brown grain with visible bran. It has a chewy texture and mild nutty flavor. This makes it a good alternative to rice, quinoa, barley, spelled, buckwheat, and other ancient grains. Farro is not a gluten-free food.

This is a reason why it is not recommended as food for people who follow gluten-free diets. On the other side, farro is believed to have less gluten than many modern strains of wheat. Also, it may be easier for people with various types of intolerances to digest, according to some research. It is easily digested and so low in gluten, so some claim that certain types of farro can be often eaten by people who normally experience gluten intolerance symptoms.

Health Benefits of Farro

Health Benefits of Farro

Rich in iron, magnesium, and zinc

Farro is a rich source of nutrients that some plant-based eaters might be missing out on. Some of them include magnesium, zinc, and iron. Iron is very important for preventing anemia and helping to improve energy. Zinc is very important for brain function. It can help with growth and development. It can facilitate DNA and cellular functions. Magnesium is an important electrolyte that has a lot of health benefits. It can help in the prevention of muscle cramps and PMS symptoms.

It can help you to sleep better, fights against headaches, and helps with digestion. Many people have magnesium deficiency and they do not know it. So, it is recommended to add farro to their diets.

Good source of antioxidants

Many people think that fruits and vegetables are high – antioxidant foods. But, studies have shown that unprocessed grains with their brans intact and also provide antioxidants, especially the type called lignans. Lignans are non – caloric, non – nutrient, and bioactive phenolic plant compounds which have a protective effect when they are consumed and metabolized by our intestinal bacteria.

Plant lignans can reduce inflammation and they are highly consumed by populations known for their longevity and heart health, such as those who follow a traditional Mediterranean diet meal plan. In some studies are shown that increasing your intake of lignans, from foods like seeds or grains, is associated with positive reactions or C – reactive protein, lower blood pressure levels, lowering effect on plasma total, and low–density lipoprotein cholesterol, and overall reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Improves immunity

Farro has fiber, oligosaccharides, and antioxidants, such as phenolic compounds. It has been shown that they can help in disease prevention.

High in B vitamins

Farro has a lot of B vitamins, especially Vitamin B3 niacin, which is important for metabolic health and converting carbohydrates, proteins, and fats from the foods we eat into energy. Many studies are shown that B vitamins are also important for maintaining high energy levels and they are important for brain health.

Also, they can support the neurotransmitter function and support the central nervous system. Vitamin B2 is another B vitamin found in the farro. This vitamin is very important for the development, reproductive capabilities, and conversion of carbohydrates found in whole grains.

Good source of protein

Farro is considered an excellent source of plant-based protein and it is providing the same amount as most beans or legumes. If you do not consume animal products or meat, then you will be happy to know that farro can form a complete source of protein when it is paired with other plant foods like vegetables.


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