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Health benefits of white chocolate

We do not believe that chocolates are good for our health. Anything that is consumed more than required, including chocolate, is harmful for our body. When you are eating white chocolate in limits, then it has wonderful benefit for your health.

The white chocolate is simply cocoa with some added milk. On the other hand, the dark chocolate is cocoa butter with dark cocoa particles instead of milk. Both varieties of chocolate can vary levels of sugars. There are many studies in which are found that chocolate is good for circulation, brain and heart.

Health benefits of white chocolate

Health benefits of white chocolate

Good for cognitive functions: Children should consume white chocolate as dessert because it can improve their cognitive functions. It can increase the ability to deal with many problems so this is a reason why many doctors are recommending consumption of white chocolate to children suffering from autism or ADHD.

Good for memory: It has flavanols and it has the function to reorganize the long – term memory formation. The regular intake of white chocolate is a precaution against dementia.

Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis: The white chocolate has the ability to help people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Foreign antigen invades in the body and it attacks the joints when people have rheumatoid arthritis. White chocolate can help in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis by increasing the rate of absorption of drug which is used to treat this disease because it has caffeine as its component.

Acts as antibiotic: In some European countries, the white chocolate is considered as antibiotic. White chocolate is given to people suffering from sepsis. Sepsis is a condition in which the body has been invaded by a microorganism and this organism has reached to the blood vessels and all are geared up to invade other parts of the body. Also, white chocolate has good bacteria which are produced in the fermentation process and this is increasing the endurance power of the body.

Improves the sleeping: The most important activity for human body is the sleep. Sleep will keep us concentrated and stress free. In this modern era, when we are running to finish all work, we do not have enough time for sleeping. White chocolate has dopamine which is acting as anesthetic and this is making the brain relaxed and calm so it can sleep.

Breast cancer: There are some studies in which are shown that eating white chocolate on regular basis can reduce the risk of breast cancer. It has polyphenols that are acting as antioxidants. Also, it disintegrates carcinogens which are causing cancer.

Good for headaches: You can use the white chocolate as your home remedy if you suffer from cluster – type headache, tension – type headache or migraine headache. These headaches can be reduced when you are eating white chocolate on regular basis. It has dopamine which is playing an important role in relaxing the nervous system and it can reduce the intensity of your headaches.

Treatment of gouts: The white chocolate can help to cure gouts. This is a condition in which the uric acid accumulates in the joints and as a result of this, the joint is changing its form and deforms it. You should eat white chocolate because it will help in the treatment of this deformation due to its high antioxidant amounts. Antioxidants can help to break the uric acid molecules present in the joints and they can help you to rid of them.

Helps losing weight: There are some studies in which are shown that when you are eating a small piece of chocolate before a meal, then it can trigger the hormones in the brain which can make you feel full. It has been shown that if you eat chocolate twenty minutes prior and 5 minutes after lunch or dinner, then it can reduce your appetite by 50%. It will give you a reeling of fullness.

Good for hypertension: White chocolate has linoleic acid which is good for the blood vessels. Those people who suffer from hypertension should consume white chocolate because it will make the blood vessels more elastic and with good current. This can reduce the heart function in pumping blood and it makes the heart rate more stable and decreased.

Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar
Dr. Ramesh kumar, BAMS is naturopathy doctor who is well versed with health benefits of all fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants


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