Lime – effective treatment for urinary disorders, gums & piles


Lime has many health benefits such as it is very effective treatment for urinary disorders, gums, gout, respiratory disorders, peptic ulcer, piles and scurvy. It is good for eye care. It can improve digestion, give a relief from constipation, can help you to lose weight and you can use it for your skin care. In the terms of medicinal uses the first fruit which comes in mind is reliable lime. This sour citrus fruit can do many things which many advanced medicines cannot. The scientific name of lime is Citrus Aurantifolia and it has been used for ages for the treatment of many ailments. This fruit is consumed throughout the world in the form of candies, snacks, jellies, jams, pickles, refreshing cocktails, beverages, sorbet, sugar boiled confections and also in cooking. It can help in digestion and also it is good appetizer. It can help to cure fatigue, arterioscleoris, cholera, colon cancer, prostate cancer, rheumatism and even high fevers (this is contrary to popular belief). There are not known side effects of the lime.

Health benefits of lime

Urinary disorders: Limes are rich in potassium which is very effective in removal of toxic substances and precipitates which get deposited in urinary bladder and kidneys. Also it has disinfectant properties which can cure infections in the urinary system. It stops prostate growth which is a very common condition in males above 40 and it clears blockage of urine which comes from calcium deposits in the urinary tract.

Weight loss: You should drink one glass of warm water with lime juice because this is excellent weight reducer but also it is brilliant antioxidant and refresher drink. It has citric acid which is excellent for fat burning. You can consume 2 glasses of this juice and you will see remarkable and legitimate results within a week.

Cholera: This disease has disappeared in many parts of the world but cholera is still dangerous and deadly disease in some places in the world. Limes and other citrus fruits can help defend against cholera. When the lime juice was added to potentially infected water it has proved that it is a very effective disinfectant and when some individual has consumed it after someone had been exposed to cholera – infected water, fatalities were reduced.


Lime health benefits

Piles: Lime helps heal wounds and ulcers in the digestive system and excretory system and while it is providing relief from constipation also it eradicates all the root causes of piles. Piles are uncomfortable condition which is happening in the anal region and this can result in discomfort and bleeding both during excretion and general activity. Also this can lead to some forms of cancer and this fruit can help prevent their recurrence or formation.

Gums: The root cause of the gum problems is the deficiency of Vitamin C and microbial growth. Also there are some situations in which ulcers come from physical trauma. Lime can help in all of the mentioned situations. The Vitamin C cures scurvy and flavonoids inhibit microbial growth. Flavonoids and potassium together help heal wounds and ulcers.

Gout: The first most common cause for gout is the accumulation of free radicals in the body. The second most common cause for gout the accumulation of toxins in the body, primarily uric acid. Lime can help in the prevention both of these causes. Lime is a wonderful source of detoxifiers and antioxidants which can help you to reduce many free radicals as well as detoxifying the body.

Fever: If you suffer from fever, then the lime and lime juice can be your very effective natural cure. Citrus have fever – reducing properties and your diet should be restricted to water and lemon. If your fever is mild to moderate, lime juice can be administered in order to bring the fever back at a manageable level. Vitamin C which is found in high concentrations in other citrus fruits can naturally lower the temperature of the body.

Eye care: Vitamin C has anti – oxidant properties which can protect our eyes from macular degeneration and aging. Flavonoids can help to protect you from infections.


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