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Tangerine essential oil purifies and detoxifies your blood

Tangerine essential oil has many properties such as sedative, antiseptic, depurative, antispasmodic, tonic and stomachic substance and cytophylactic properties. This kind of oil comes from citrus fruit which is known as tangerine. There are many people who think that the tangerines are the same thing with mandarin oranges but they are not. Tangerines have lacks pips, deeper orange color and it is harvested in different time of the year compared with the mandarin oranges. The botanical name for these fruits is the same and it is Citrus Reticulata. Tangerines are native to China. Nowadays they are spread all around the world. The tangerine essential oil is extracted by cold compression of the peels of tangerine which is the same process in which we get mandarin orange essential oil. Tangerines and mandarins are having a big place in the herbal medicine of China. In general this kind of oil is non – sensitizing, non – toxic and non – irritating but in some skin types it can show some extent of phytotoxicity. This oil boosts the digestion, moisture balance in our skin, improves circulation and phlegm, helps maintain oil and also it shows emollient and cicatrisant properties. Also the tangerine essential oil will ease and treat dandruff, hair problems, dryness and cracking of skin, rashes, flatulence, constipation and diarrhea. Terpineol, sabinene, mycrene, linalool, limonene, geranial, gamma terpinolene, citronellal, beta pinene, alpha thujone and alpha pinene as its component. Here are some health benefits of tangerine essential oil:

Health benefits of tangerine essential oil

Tonic: Tangerine essential oil has fortifies and tones properties. This kind of essential oil will tone up all functions in our body. It can tune the metabolic functions of our body such as absorption of nutrients by toning up the intestines, stomach and liver and decomposes the food. It adds to strength and helps in growth. It can ensure you that you will have proper excretion. The secretion of the endocrine system will be promoted by this property. Also it will tone up our nervous system which means that we will be more active and alert. It can boost our immune system which can protect us from infections. When your body is toned and tunes up, then the functions of your body will be happier and healthier and also your body will be more mileage.

Antispasmodic: Spasms are one of the most dangerous conditions. They are not restricted just to the muscular cramps. They can happen also to other parts of our body such as nervous, respiratory and digestive systems which means that they can cause spasmodic diarrhea, congestion, asthma, breathing troubles, cholera, convulsions, nervous afflictions and severe coughs. You should consume tangerine essential oil because it can give you a relief from the spasms and also you will have relaxation in all organ systems which we have mentioned above.

Health benefits of tangerine essential oilhealth benefits of tangerine essential oil

Sedative: It can soothe your body. It can soothe all types of hyperactivity and inflammation in the functioning of your organ systems such as excretory, nervous, digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems. It can give you a relief from the inflammation which comes with fever. Also it keeps your body away from allergies, hypersensitivity, anxiety, stress, convulsions and external sources in your blood stream. Also this kind of essential oil will sedate the impulsive responses, anger and depression.

Stomachic: It can keep the function of your stomach at good condition. You will have proper flow of digestive juices. Also you will have normal balance between bile and acid which means that the excessive acids will be neutralized. If you have any kind of wound in your stomach, then you should use tangerine essential oil as your natural remedy. It can give you a relief from the inflammation and also it will soothe your stomach. This oil can help your stomach to function properly.

Depurative: When some kind of agent is purifying the blood, then it is known as depurative. It can help to your body in removing or excretion of unwanted substances and toxic substances such as extra salt, uric acid and pollutants. Tangerine essential oil is increasing the oxygen retaining capacity of the red blood cells which means that it will purify and refresh our blood.

Hanan Marshal
Hanan Marshal
Hanan, a medical student (MBBS) having passion for writing and is very much interested in holistic living along with nature. He is very much interested in doing community service and watches anime and play PS4 during his free time. You can reach him through [email protected]


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