Health benefits of Acerola


This fruit (Acerola) grows on small tree and the fruits look like cherries. This fruit in the modern era is known for its name cherry acerola. Malpighia emarginata is the scientific name of this fruit. Acerola is tropical fruit. It is native to Central America and South America. Acerola has been used in the medicine for thousands of years in many cultures. Nowadays this fruit can be easily found in all parts of the world. Also this tropical fruit is cultivated in the Indian subcontinent. Acerola is also cultivated in the southern areas of the United States of America. In those parts acerola is consumed as much as cherry because it is giving delicious taste to foods. You can eat acerola in raw form or if you do not like the taste in raw form, then you can add it in jellies, frozen juice concentrates, ice creams, jams and baked goods. Also acerola can be added as component of some alcohols. It has many vitamins and minerals which are giving strength to your body and also they are keeping your health. Here are some health benefits of acerola:

Health benefits of Acerola

Diabetes management: There are many studies which have proven that when you are consuming acerola, then you are slowing the release of sugar in your bloodstream because this tropical fruit has anti – oxidant components. People who are suffering from diabetes should consume acerola because this fruit is regulating the glucose and insulin. When glucose and insulin are regulated and they are staying at normal level, then people are preventing themselves from drops and spikes which in many cases can be a reason for death. Also this fruit is regulating the sugar levels in healthy people.

Cancer prevention: Bioflavonoids and carotenoids which are anti – oxidant components found in the acerola are neutralizing the effects of the free radicals which in most cases are reason for cancer. When free radicals are in our body, then they are making the healthy cells to mutate in cancer cells which are reason for many dangerous diseases including cancer. People who are suffering from lung cancer should consume this fruit because this fruit is slowing the development of this disease.

Anti–aging properties: We have said previously that this fruit has anti – oxidant compounds which are eliminating the effects of the free radicals in the body. Also these components are cleaning the whole body from toxins which are a reason for serious conditions. Bioflavonoids which are components of the acerola are preventing your brain to lose its function. Also they are good for your nervous system because acerola is boosting the cognitive function of your brain which is common condition in older people. We know that when people are aging they are also having problems with their eyes. When you are consuming this fruit, then it has one component which is known as carotenoids. This component is preventing your eyes from serious conditions.

AcerolaImmune system: Weak people (we mean people who have weak immune system) should use this fruit in their diet because this tropical fruit has Vitamin C. The health benefits of Vitamin C are known for all of us. When they add acerola in their diet, they will notice that their immune system is stronger than it was. When you are adding acerola in your diet, then the Vitamin C is playing its role because Vitamin C is the key point for the formation of the white blood cells. They are protecting the body from pathogens and foreign agents. Also this vitamin is vital for the formation of collagen. When you have stable levels of collagen in your body then your bones can easily repair from injuries.

Digestion: This fruit is not rich with fiber (which is usual for fruits like acerola). But this fruit has major part in boosting your digestive health. When you are consuming acerola, then you are making your food to pass smooth in your body. This tropical fruit will prevent your body from serious digestive problems such as bloating, cramping, constipation and diarrhea. Also the dietary fiber which is present in the acerola is clearing the dangerous cholesterol from your hearth.

Metabolic issues: This fruit is rich with Vitamin B. This vitamin is important for your body because it is regulating your metabolism and also ensuring that your body is running smoothly. Hence adding acerola as a part of your regular diet is beneficial.


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