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High Blood pressure natural treatment – reduce your BP to 120/80

High Blood Pressure is one of the health conditions that is so dangerous because it has the capacity of taking an individual’s life certainly. [1] Despite high expenses in treatment there are natural and High Blood Pressure Home Remedy that can help the patient or individuals with these conditions to contain it effectively. This is minus using any medicine but rather natural substances with medicinal values. Some of these High Blood Pressure Home Remedy are as follows:

High Blood Pressure Natural Treatments

Regular Exercise

Regular physical exercise is significant in containing high blood pressure. This should be done at least thirty minus every day. This is significant because it can contribute in reduction of your blood pressure by between 4 to 9 millimeters of mercury. This High Blood Pressure Home Remedy requires you to maintain consistency because whenever one stops to exercise the blood pressure shoots up again.

Practices like walk several kilometers every day can help you limit the extent to which your condition grows. In this case when you have a slightly high blood pressure that is pre-hypertension, it act as a check point for developing full blown hypertension. Other exercises such as jogging, swimming dancing as well as cycling are very important exercises. One should at least establish one and invest on it on a daily basis. [2]

Reduction of Sodium in Diet

To achieve this you have to cautious about the sodium content of food staff that you but. In this case you have to always read the food labels to establish the quantity of each and every ingredients especially sodium. Therefore in this case go for food with very low sodium content. Most processed food are boosted with chemical which have sodium content, going for natural food will be a great help to you. This is because very small amount of sodium normally occurs naturally in food. Therefore natural food staffs do not have same content of sodium when compared to processed ones. It is important that you also avoid salt addition in your food. Other methods of food flavoring can be adopted for instance use of herbs as well as spices. The reason for this is because every one level teaspoon of salt has 2300 mg of salt. And this is too much for high blood pressure condition. And finally adopting this practice might be costly and stressful the best way to achieve this if you cannot do it instantly is to adopt a gradual reduction mechanism. [3]

High Blood Pressure Home Remedy Foods that lower blood pressure


Potatoes are rich in potassium and loading your diet with potassium rich food will be a great step forward. This is because potassium content of up to 3,000 averagely on a daily basis is important in stabilizing the condition of high blood pressure in an individual. It is therefore significant to focus a lot on potassium rich food staff like sweet potatoes, orange juice, tomatoes, bananas, peas, honeydew melon, prunes and raisins.

Decaf Coffee

There have been debates on ability of caffeine to impact high blood pressure condition. Consequently the less studies has it that regular consumption of caffeine of up to 500 mg this has a great effect of increasing the blood pressure. This is possible because caffeine has ability to tighten blood vessels hence accelerating the making the blood to start pumping a lot of blood. This therefore can be minimized by adding a High Blood Pressure Home Remedy decaf so as to help lower or counter the effect of coffee. [4]

Hibiscus Tea

Taking one or two cups of this High Blood Pressure Home Remedy every morning can be a big help to contain your high blood pressure condition. This is because hibiscus tea has ability to reduce systolic blood pressure by up to 7 points averagely in a period of six weeks. This has been established to be because Hibiscus tea has a phytochemical content which act as high blood pressure regulator. [5]


In this case the best way to do it can be listening to music, this is a lifestyle change that ensures that your heart pumping rate is regulated and brought to a stable condition. In this practice it is important to be selective because it also depends on which type of tunes one is listening. Not all music has this effect since there are others which cause tension and abrupt shocks and they can accelerate the effect of high blood pressure. It is important to invest substantial time in listening to soothing classical music because it helps to relax your body and hence the heart beats rate. Other types like seltic and Indian classical music listening for 30 minutes on a daily basis can have the effect of lowering blood pressure by up to 3.2 points. [6]


Addition of basil in your meal can have positive effect to this condition, this can be achieved by incorporating extracts of basils in ones daily meals because it helps to lower the rate at which heart pumps blood. It is important to note that fresh basil is the most preferable as compared to other forms. This High Blood Pressure Home Remedy goes well with pastas, salads as well as casseroles.


This High Blood Pressure Home Remedy is a tasty seasoning that will not have negative or repulsive impact on your dieting. It also calls for limited efforts to be incorporated in your diet and it has no negative effects at all. Consumption of cinnamon has powerful work on individual with high blood pressure and suffering from diabetes as well. This can be achieved by constantly making sprinkles on your breakfast cereals, coffee or even oatmeal. Apart from this practice it can be used as flavor on your stews and fries and help to achieve double benefits of flavoring and using it as high blood pressure treatment.


Despite the fact that it can ruin your breath and its pangenesis, this High Blood Pressure Home Remedy has ability to bring your heat rates to stable conditions. Constant inclusion of garlic in ones ingredients in meal preparation is very important, because it has the capacity of making your blood vessels to become relaxed and facilitate their dilation. In this way minimum pressure is generated to pump blood through the vessels hence promoting free flow of blood through the blood vessels. In this manner minimum pressure is generated and it lowers your blood pressure. Use of fresh garlic to ones recipe so as to achieve this great effect, never the less in situations where you feel the flavor is to strong for you roasting it before usage has no negative effects as well. [7]

Cat’s Claw

This is a traditional herb that the chins have been using for several centuries in treatment of the high blood pressure conditions in individuals. The herb is effective in acting on the calcium channels in your body cells. This High Blood Pressure Home Remedy helps to minimize the extent to which the blood vessels hardens up and resulting to high blood pressure conditions.

Celery Seed

This is a herb that has been used to add flavor to soups, casseroles, stew as well as other savory dishes. Its seeds are known to have the best impact in reduction of high blood pressure. Apart from this juicing the whole plant do not have any negative effect because it is even better when it is done that way. It is known that it is a diuretic and it is this property that makes it an effective blood pressure regulator. Proper use of this High Blood Pressure Home Remedy and constant incorporation in your meals is a great booster to your health.

Fresh Beet Juice

According to recent studies, drinking a glass of fresh beet juice have immediate impact of lowering your blood pressure. Beetroot contains high levels of dietary nitrate, which the body converts into biologically active nitrite and nitric oxide. These findings suggest dietary nitrate as an affordable, readily-available, natural treatment for hypertension.[8][9]


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Dr. Emil Sarsath (aka) Vijila, a licensed naturopathic doctor (BSMS) who always ensures his patients receive compassionate, and individualized care. He has extensive experience in primary care, digestive health, mental health, nervous system disorder and more.Area of Expertise – Naturopathic Medicine, Whole Foods-based Nutrition, Siddha, Panchakarma.She is always available through [email protected]



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