Best natural treatments for catarrh – turmeric and garlic

catarrh treatment natural

Catarrh is often present like a common cold with nasal congestion, postnasal drip, and excess nose–blowing. But if you experience some of the mentioned symptoms, then this does not mean that you have catarrh for sure.

Catarrh is a persistent condition that continues long after a typical cold would have subsided. People who suffer from this condition typically garner little relief from coughing or nose blowing and they are stuck with the persistent feeling that something is caught in their nasal cavity or throat. The root cause of the catarrh is the reaction of the immune system to irritation or infection in your nasal cavities or airways.

There are many different triggers that are very common including allergic reactions to pollen or dust miles and the common cold. Also, there are other triggers which are included chemical irritants such as perfume or paint, stress, spicy food, alcohol, and changes in the weather. There are many people who try nasal sprays to treat this condition but these options offer only temporary relief and they typically establish a recurring pattern of this condition. Natural cures heal the catarrh and prevent a recurrence. Talk with your doctor about the best natural treatment for you. We do not guarantee that these natural cures can help you for sure.

17 Home remedies and lifestyle tips for relief from catarrh

Vitamin C

This is one of the best natural cures for catarrh because it is an essential vitamin which is supporting the general functioning of the immune system and it helps to support recovery. Also, this natural cure helps combat underlying infections. [1]

Echinacea and goldenseal

Both home remedies fight infection and can prevent mucus formation. [2]

Take sips of cold or warm water

Dehydration is one of the most common causes why catarrh is worsening. You need to sip water throughout the day. This can help to loosen the mucus in your throat which means that it can lessen your symptoms. You should opt for cold water because this will chill your throat slightly. This will minimize the irritation. Sipping water can help to ease symptoms such as itchiness which you may be tempted to deal with by cleaning your throat. When you clear your throat, then this can actually make catarrh worse so this is a reason why you need to sip water when you feel the temptation to clear your throat. You need to carry a bottle of cold water all the time. In this way, if you want to clear your throat, you can quickly sip water instead. Also, you should keep a water bottle with you at work or school. You should drink water with your meals.

Oil – pulling with coconut oil

One of the best ways in which you can rid of the catarrh is the oil–pulling. To do this natural treatment, you should put about a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth, and then you should swish it around for about five to ten minutes. Then, you should spit out this oil. You should repeat this natural treatment once per day.


catarrh treatment naturalTurmeric

Turmeric is a warm and fiery spice which can help to get relief from the inflammation contributing to congestion. Turmeric can also help to flush the nasal passages and sinus cavities. [3]

Inhale steam

You should boil water and then you should inhale the steam because this can help you to loosen the mucus in the back of the throat. Also, you can add a small amount of eucalyptus oil or menthol crystals to the water because this can also help you. You should never place your face too close to the pot because you can burn your face. If you have young children who suffer from catarrh, then you should not use this natural treatment with them.

Gargle with saltwater

You should dissolve ¼ to ½ a teaspoon of salt in an eight-ounce glass of water. Then, you should garble the water for a few seconds. Spit it back into the sink. This can help to alleviate the symptoms of catarrh.

Avoid anything that triggers symptoms

When this condition is caused by allergies, then it can be triggered by environmental hazards. You should try to minimize the exposure to anything that tends to trigger outbursts. If you have any allergens you know of, such as pollen, then you should try to minimize the exposure to them throughout the day. Also, you should stay away from places where smokers are because smoky places tend to trigger catarrh.

Apple cider vinegar

This is one of the most used natural cures for catarrh. An imbalanced pH in the body is one of the most common causes of catarrh. You should mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with eight ounces of water. Drink this home remedy on a daily basis because it can help to rebalance the system and it can deliver many minerals and vitamins which are needed by our bodies to restore health.

Humidify the air in your home

The dry air in your home can make you more prone to catarrh. This is a reason why you need to buy a humidifier to moisten the air in your home. This can also help to prevent you from developing catarrh again. You can buy the humidifier at a department store or you can order it online.

Diffuse essential oils

Essential oils have strong aromas and antimicrobial properties which can be a powerful natural treatment for people who want to clear their phlegm and mucus [4,5]. Some of the most potent mucus fighting oils are:

  • Chamomile: It relieves and soothes congestion
  • Lavender: It has antimicrobial, antihistamine, and antiseptic properties
  • Pine: It is a decongestant and it has antimicrobial properties
  • Rosemary: This is an antiseptic essential oil which can help open nasal passages
  • Basil: This is an antiseptic essential oil which can help open nasal passages
  • Thyme: This is a powerful antiseptic and great for chills, flu, and cold
  • Peppermint: It helps to open nasal passages
  • Tea tree: It is an effective antiseptic, expectorant and antimicrobial
  • Eucalyptus: It is decongestant, antiviral and antiseptic

You should add a few drops of single oil or you can blend all of the mentioned oils to your oil burner or diffuser and you should allow them to waft through the room. Also, you can take a steamy bath scented with the oils. Also, you can shake a few drops on a tissue and you should hold it in the front of your nose and you should be careful to avoid contact with the skin. At night time, you should sprinkle some on your pillow to loosen mucus as you snooze. For this purpose, the lavender essential oil is very effective and also it can encourage restful sleep. When you are using some of the mentioned essential oils, then you should ensure that you opt for 100% pure oils that are free of additives and adulterants.

Avoid air conditioning and heaters

It is a known fact that heaters and air conditioning tend to dry out the air. This can worsen your catarrh or it can trigger it again after it passes. This is a reason why you need to stay away from these environments. If you work in an office that uses a heater or air conditioner, then you should request to sit away from it because you can trigger catarrh.


This natural cure is an anti-inflammatory and warm herb which can strengthen your immunity and it can fight mucus. You should add a lot of garlic to your chicken soup and you should use this home remedy for the riding off the mucus in your throat. [6]

Apply warm compress

You should place a warm compress on the affected areas because this can help to loosen mucus and also it can allow it to drain out the nose. You should wet a small towel with very warm water or zap a damp washcloth in the microwave for thirty seconds. Lay the towel gently over cheeks, nose, and eyes and leave for 3 minutes. You should repeat this natural treatment 2 – 6 times per day until the mucus has cleared.

Licorice root

Licorice root tea is also a very effective home remedy for easing congestion because it can help to loosen thin mucus in your airways so it can be expelled from your body. [7]

Adjust your pillows

Sleeping with an elevated head is one of the best ways in which you can relieve the congested nasal passages and you will have a good night’s sleep. This is very important for your body to deal with the infection.


Ginger is a warm herb which is an expectorant. It soothes the inflamed airways and throat and nasal passages. You should drink two to three cups of ginger tea made by steeping grated ginger root in one cup of hot water for up to ten minutes. Also, you can add a small amount of honey and lemon to it. [8]


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