8 Amazing Health Benefits of Pearl Millet

botanical description of pearl millet

Pearl millet is a crop. The biological name of pearl millet is Pennisetum glaucum. In India, pearl millet is known as “Bajra”. Pearl millet grows in arid and semi – arid tropical regions of the world. It is cultivated in India and Africa. It is one of the primary sources of energy. Pearl millet gives nutritional security to poor farmers and consumers. The pearl millet is adapted to many growing areas which are distinguished by high temperature, low soil fertility and drought. Also, pearl millet grows well in low pH soil and high salinity.

Pearl millet can tolerate difficult growing conditions and it can be cultivated well. You should not consume pearl miller during loose – motions. You should avoid high consumption of pearl millet during the summer because it can lead to digestive problems. Also, people who suffer from kidney problems should avoid pearl millet because it can cause an increase in the uric acid. Those people who suffer from glandular and thyroid problems should talk with their doctors before they take a heavy millet diet on a daily basis. Here are some health benefits of pearl millet:

pearl millet in hindi

Pearl millet help in weight loss

Pearl millet is rich in fiber which can help in the weight loss. It can help to control the feeling of eating food again and again in short period. The high fiber content will satisfy your hunger for long period because it takes time for millet to digest it and it needs extended time for the millet to move from stomach to intestine. Also, it can help to lower the consumption of food. When you consume less food, then you add less calories in your body which means that you will lose weight.


This is a wonderful staple crop which can control diabetes. It is rich in fiber which means that pearl millets are digested slowly so the glucose is release into the bloodstream at a prolonged rate. This can help to maintain a sustainable sugar levels in diabetes patients. It has magnesium which can help to increase the efficiency of insulin and decrease glucose and triglyceride levels in the body which can prevent from diabetes.

Preventing gallstones

Its have fiber which can help to reduce the chances of gallstone occurrence. The excessive amount of bile secretion in the intestine leads to gallstones. It has insoluble fiber which can help to reduce the secretion of excessive bile in the system and it speeds up the intestinal transit time. It can increase the insulin sensitivity which can prevent the formation of gallstones.

Pearl millet help for healthy bones

It is rich in phosphorus which is suitable for maintaining healthy bones. Also, it can repair and develop weak bones which are caused by some injury.

Optimizes cholesterol

IT is rich in fiber which can help to eliminate the bad cholesterol and promoting good cholesterol. Also, it has phytochemical called phytic acid which can increase the cholesterol metabolism and optimizes the level of cholesterol in the body.

Reduces cancer risk

It has lignin and phytonutrients which are good for the human body. Lignans fight against hormone – dependent cancers. Also, it has magnesium and phytate which can help to prevent the body from cancers. There are some studies in which are shown that taking 35 grams of fiber on daily basis can help to reduce the chances of cancer, especially the breast cancer. Pearl millet is the easiest way to stop the risk of cancer.

Respiratory system

It is rich in magnesium which can help to cure respiratory problems. Also, it can help to treat asthma attacks and reduce the migraine attacks and wheezing.

Healthy heart

It is rich in magnesium which can help to reduce the blood pressure and it will reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. It is rich in potassium which can help to stabilize the blood pressure. Also, potassium is acting as a vasodilator. When the blood pressure is controlled and the circulatory system is optimized, then the cardiovascular health is maintained.


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