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Bone Density Home Remedies and Natural Treatments

When people are making bone density tests, then they know if they have a chance of getting osteoporosis or they are having chances of getting bone fractures in the future. In the past osteoporosis can be detected if you have some kind of broken bone. Nowadays there is available test to detect the chances of getting osteoporosis. When you are making this kind of test, then doctors are using X – rays to see how many grams of calcium and other minerals which are vital for the bones are packed in a segment of your bones. The hip, spine and forearm are the most tested bones in the body. If you are diagnosed with osteoporosis, then doctor can use this test to monitor how is developing your disease. When you have higher mineral content in your bones, then the bone density is much higher. This means that you have smaller chances to get broken bones or osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is typical disease for old women, but men are not excluded from this condition. In some case when you have done bone density test, then your doctor cannot tell you which the reason for the low bone density is. In this case he or she will need to make you complete medical evaluation. Bones are the support system of our body which means that we must keep them healthy and safe. It is always a good idea to know your family history because people who have parents who have or had osteoporosis are having increased risk of getting osteoporosis. If you know that someone from your family is suffering from bone density, then you should not doubt to ask your doctor as soon as possible. Increase the consummation of foods which are rich with calcium and Vitamin D because they will improve your bones. Here are some home remedies and natural cures which can help you to improve your bone density or if you have osteoporosis and broken bones these natural cures will help you:

Natural treatments for bone density

Red clover: This kind of herb has estrogen components. This means that it will help you to have healthy bones. It is one of the most used herbs for treating osteoporosis. But there is not prove that the red clover will help you to improve the bone density [1]. More studies should be done about this topic. In some case people who are consuming some kinds of medications can have problem if they use red clover together with the medicines. If you want to try the red clover as your natural remedy, then you should talk with your doctor for any side effect.

Soy: Soymilk and tofu are made from soybeans. They have isoflavones as their component. When you are using soybeans in your diet, then you are protecting your body from the bone loss. Also if the bone loss process has started, then this remedy will help you to stop this process. This is possible because it has estrogen components. If you are suffering from breast cancer which is caused by extra levels of estrogen and you want to use soybeans as your natural remedy for the osteoporosis, then you should talk with your doctor about your case. Do not risk on your own. [2]

Black cohosh: In the Native America black cohosh has been used as natural remedy in the traditional medicine. It has phytoestrogens which are similar like estrogen. They are preventing in the bone loss. There was a study which was done in mice and they have noticed that the black colosh has improved the bone formation in the mice. But there must be done more studies in the future which will show if this will be a perfect natural remedy for the osteoporosis in people. [3]

Boost calcium consumption: When we are talking about bones, then the first thing which comes in our minds in most of us is this element – calcium. This is the most important mineral for the normal development of our bones and teeth. Also this element is helping in blood pressure, proper muscle function, hormone secretion and nerve signaling. You should add food which is rich with calcium in your diet if you want to prevent the bone loss. There are some studies in which is shown that people should only use calcium in their diet and they will have healthy bones. But also there is another study in which women who were in their postmenopausal period have used just calcium and they have noticed that this is not helping them a lot. Also there are some studies in which is shown that calcium should be used in a combination with Vitamin D. But there should be done more studies about the calcium and it will help it to people to prevent the bone lose if it is consumed alone. Foods which are rich with calcium are spinach, collard greens, cheese, milk and yogurt. bone density

Vitamin D: When you are using calcium, then you are also consuming Vitamin D. These both are working together to increase the absorption process of bones. You should eat foods which are rich with Vitamin D such as tuna, orange juice, eggs (Vitamin D is represented in the yolk) and sardines. Also you can add Vitamin D supplement in your diet. You should talk with your doctor about the levels of Vitamin D in your body. This is recommended by many famous doctors. Also this vitamin can be taken by the sun. You should stay at sunlight from ten to fifteen minutes three times per week. This will help you to have enough Vitamin D in your body. Also there was a study in which elderly people have increased chances of getting bone loss during the winter season because there is no sun and they cannot take enough Vitamin D from it. Most studies about the Vitamin D and its influence of the bone density have been done in elderly people. But also it is recommended for young people to get Vitamin D from the sunlight.

Vitamin K: This vitamin is taking part as natural remedy for people who are suffering from blood clot, but also it is very important vitamin for the bone density. Is not known how this vitamin is helping you to have good bone density. There was a study which was done in two girls. In the first girl this vitamin has shown the bone turnover but it did not have effects on the bone density while in the other girl results were reverse. Also there was a study in which were compared Vitamin D and Vitamin K in the function of calcium absorption. It was shown that they have been working well together. Vitamin K has reduced the calcium amount which was excreted by our body and the Vitamin D has stimulated the calcium absorption in the rats. You can eat food which is rich with Vitamin K such as spinach, kale, Swiss chard and broccoli. [4]

Potassium: This is not vital element for our bones. This mineral is important for the communication of nerves and muscles and also it is helpful at removing the waste. But nowadays there is an opinion in which is said that this mineral is neutralizing the acids which are removing the calcium from our body. There was a study in which premenopausal women and postmenopausal women have used potassium in their diet. They have noticed that this mineral has improved the bone health in these groups. Women who were taking potassium and who have high potassium levels in their body and women who were taking potassium with low potassium levels (both groups are women in their pre – menopausal period) have showed 8% difference in the bone density. You should eat foods which are rich with potassium such as white potatoes, bananas, yogurt and sweet potatoes. [5]

Avoid caffeine: Coffee has some health benefits, but it does not have health benefits for the bones. When you are drinking too much coffee, then you are reducing the absorption process of calcium in your body. People who drink too much coffee, more than two cups per day and who are not consuming enough Vitamin D are having bigger chances to get bone loss. Also there was another study in which women who are in their older ages were consuming coffee. This study has showed that when they are taking more than 18 ounces of coffee per day, then it was shown negative results because coffee has negative effects of Vitamin D.

Avoid alcohol: You should not drink alcohol at all because it is interfering with Vitamin D which means that you can easily get bone loss. If you cannot quit of drinking, then men should drink 2 cups per day and women should drink just one cup per day. There are many studies in the last period in which is shown that alcohol is reason for low bone density and biggest reason for getting osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Quit smoking: When you are smoking cigarettes, then you are avoiding the process of calcium consummation in your body which means that you have increased chances of bone loss. [6]


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Hanan Marshal
Hanan Marshal
Hanan, a medical student (MBBS) having passion for writing and is very much interested in holistic living along with nature. He is very much interested in doing community service and watches anime and play PS4 during his free time. You can reach him through [email protected]


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