Geographic tongue can be treated with apple cider vinegar


Geographic tongue is also known as migratory glossitis. This is a harmless condition. It is annoying condition which mostly affects the top and sides of your tongue. This condition cause the area of papillae to become white and more pronounced and it is causing red, white and pink patches on your tongue which change position with time. There are some cases in which your tongue can become sensitive to acidic, spicy or hot foods. In some cases these red areas can become infected with candida (thrush). Also there can be burning pain and sores and also bad breath. No one knows which the real cause for this condition is. There are many factors which can lead to this condition such as hormonal disturbances, diabetes, a nutritional deficiency, allergies, oral para – functional habits, emotional stress or other psychological factors etc. This problem is more common in people who suffer from psoriasis. There are some people who consider this condition as oral form of psoriasis. Every single person can develop geographic tongue no matter of his sex and age. This is not contagious condition and it will never turn into cancer. The geographic tongue tends to persist for months or years. Often this condition resolves on its own but it can appear again later. There is no cure for this condition. You can try some of the mentioned natural cures to ease the mild nuisance or irritation. You can rub an ice cube on your tongue because it will give you a temporary relief. You should develop a routine of detoxification and cleansing, particularly your colon. You should avoid toothpaste which has whitening, heavy flavoring or tartar – control additives.

Home remedies for geographic tongue

Oil pulling: This is ancient Ayurvedic practice which can help you to treat red patches on your tongue [1]. This natural treatment aid in the removal of toxins from your body and mouth. Also it can help you to maintain good oral health. You should put one tablespoon of organic, cold – pressed coconut or sesame oil in your mouth. You should swish this oil around your mouth for about ten minutes. You should spit out this oil and then rinse your mouth with warm water. You should brush your teeth as usual. You should use this natural cure every morning before you eat anything. You should not swallow this oil. There is a connection between stress and geographic tongue. This is a reason why you should try to reduce your stress levels.

Zinc: Zinc deficiency can lead to geographic tongue and other oral problems. You can take zinc supplements or eat more zinc – rich foods because they can help you to ease the discomfort 2,3]. This natural cure will also promote a proper sense of taste and smell. Zinc supplements can be found in several forms such as lozenges, capsules and tablets. You should always talk with your doctor before you start taking zinc supplement because he or she will tell you the right dosage. Also you can increase your zinc intake with foods such as spinach and other green leafy vegetables, kefir, yogurt, seeds, nuts, fortified breakfast cereals, lentils, beans, cheese, milk, crab, oysters, fish and red meat. When you suffer from geographic tongue, then you should avoid scraping your tongue.

Apple cider vinegar: If you have noticed that your tongue shows signs of infection or oral thrush, then you can use apple cider vinegar as your natural treatment. This natural cure restore your mouth’s natural pH balance and also it fight off the infection. Apple cider vinegar has acidic and sour taste which can cause you a burning sensation but soon you will notice improvements in your condition. In a glass of water you should add ¼ teaspoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar. You should use this natural cure as your mouthwash two or three times per day. You should stir one tablespoon of raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar and add a small amount of raw honey in a glass of water. You should sip this natural cure slowly one or two times per day. You should follow both these natural treatments until symptoms subside. You should follow a proper oral hygiene by brushing your teeth two times per day and floss them regularly.

geographic tongue

natural treatments for geographic tongue

Vitamin B: Geographic tongue can happen as a result of Vitamin B deficiency. This is a reason why you should eat more foods that are rich in Vitamin B. This vitamin can prevent recurrence of patches on your tongue. You should include foods rich in Vitamin B, Vitamin B12 in particular, in your diet such as liver, turkey, bananas, avocadoes, bran, oats, salmon, yogurt, cheese, milk, eggs and whole grains. If you want to take Vitamin B supplements, then you should talk with your doctor about the proper dosage.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera has healing and anti – inflammatory properties which are making it an effective natural cure for treating different types of oral problems in which is also included the geographic tongue [4]. Also it can help you to rid of the bad breath. You should extract the gel from Aloe Vera leaf and apply it on your tongue. You should wait ten minutes before you rinse it off with lukewarm water. You should repeat this natural treatment a few times per day. You should use Aloe Vera juice to rinse your mouth two or three times per day.

Vegetable glycerin: Vegetable glycerin is also a very effective natural treatment for geographic tongue. It is effective in keeping your tongue well moistened which is speeding up your healing process. Also it can help you to rid of the bad breath. You should soak a cotton ball in vegetable glycerin and then you should apply it on your tongue. You should wait five minutes and then brush your tongue with a soft – bristle toothbrush. You should rinse it with warm water. You should do this natural treatment two times per day in a period of several days. Also you can use a glycerin mouthwash two or three times per day.

Hydrogen peroxide: This is also a very effective natural treatment which can help you to rid of red patches on your tongue. Also it has antibacterial properties that will prevent the growth of bacteria in your mouth which will reduce the risk of infection [5]. You should use 3% hydrogen peroxide for oral conditions. You should prepare a natural cure with equal amounts of warm water and 3% hydrogen peroxide. You should soak a cotton ball in this natural cure and then apply it on the affected areas. Wait for a few seconds. Then, rinse the affected area using warm water. You should do this natural treatment a few times per day in a period of several days.

Fluid intake: When you keep your body hydrated, then this can help you to ease the discomfort of geographic tongue [6]. The fluid intake can promote hydration. Hydration also can promote stimulate the production of saliva which in turn will promote the oral health. You should drink an ample amount of water throughout the day. Also you can suck on small pieces of ice. You should eat frozen chunks of water – based fruits and vegetables such as cucumber and watermelon. You should drink smoothies, vegetable juice or fruit juice. Also you should drink one to two glasses of coconut water daily. Also you can drink chilled herbal teas such as green or chamomile tea. You should avoid sugary drinks and cut down on regular tea, alcoholic beverages and coffee.

Mint: Mint has antibacterial properties which can inhibit the growth of bacteria in your mouth and this will prevent many oral problems. Also it can prevent burning sensation in your tongue and it will freshen up your breath. You should prepare a strong cup of mint tea and chill it in refrigerator for thirty minutes. Then, you should drink it. You should do this natural treatment a few times per day. You should chew a few fresh mint leaves or mint gum every day. You should use mint – based oral products such as mouthwash or toothpaste.

Dietary choices: To reduce the discomfort which is associated with geographic tongue, you should limit or avoid food irritants which can aggravate the sensitive tissues of your tongue. Food irritants usually are worsening this condition which is making it difficult to heal. You should avoid eating salty, acidic, spicy and hot foods. You should avoid tobacco products. Also you should avoid heavily flavored candy or other food products. Also you should avoid acidic vegetables and fruits. You should limit your consumption of highly sugary and processed foods to get rid of geographic tongue.


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