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8 Amazing health benefits of ginseng root

The ginseng root has many health benefits, such as support skin health; improve hair health; treat menstrual discomfort; improve sexual capabilities; help with weight loss; help cognitive ability; help prevent premature aging; help manage diabetes. Also, it can give you a relief from the stress and it can prevent colorectal cancer. The ginseng plant has been used since ancient times for many different medicinal purposes. It has fleshy roots and small leaves.

The ginseng root can be used to make tea and it can be consumed orally as well. The ginseng root has adaptogenic quality where it adapts to the situation of your body. If your body is warming up out a fever, then it will assist in increasing the efficiency of the immune system. If you have stomach pain for several days, then you can consume this root because it can help to neutralize the effect.

Health benefits of ginseng root

ginseng root

Stress reliever: The ginseng root can help to reduce the pain around the stomach area and it can boost the energy levels inside our body which automatically will reduce the stress. This root has adaptogens which will adapt to your body and they can alter your hormonal levels to create balance. It can give you a sense of relief and it will soften your mood. You should add this root in your diet so you will have a day free of stress.

Prevents colorectal cancer: There are some studies in which are said that the ginseng root can stop the spread of colorectal cancer cells and it can reduce the symptoms of deadly disease. The ginseng root has anti – cancer properties which can help in the treatment of cancer. There should be done a lot more studies on the effects of this root to cancer so consult with your doctor before you start using it in your diet.

Skin health: We know that the blood flow is essential for the skin health. It is known that the ginseng root can help to stimulate the blood flow inside your body and it can help you to have fresh looking skin.

Improves hair health: The ginseng root has regenerative properties which in a combination with the pain relieving properties can help for the health of your hair. The ginseng root has a natural carbohydrate which is found to be extremely beneficial for people who dealing with hair loss. Also, it can prevent alopecia in both men and women. You can crush the ginseng root and add some water to make it mushy after which you can directly apply it to your head.

Treats menstrual discomfort: Many women experience a big pain during the menstrual cycle and it can be lessened with the usage of ginseng. The ginseng root has antiseptic and anti – inflammatory properties which can soothe the effects of cramps and menstrual discomfort. Also, women can experience mood swings during the menstruation so this is a reason why this root is recommended to be consumed during this period.

Improves sexual capabilities: It is known that the ginseng can help to improve the sexual performance rate. Those men who have erectile dysfunction can benefit from this root. It is known that the ginseng root can boost the libido and this is having a powerful effect on a male’s genital areas.

Helps with weight loss: You should add ginseng root to your tea and drink it on daily basis because it can help you to lose weight. Also, you can add the ginseng root to your salads and you can eat it after boiling.This root has the ability to suppress your appetite so you will not eat a lot. It can help to reduce your appetite and it can burn the fat surrounding the walls of your body. You can add this root into your tea so in this way you will have a leaner body.

Improves cognitive ability: The ginseng root can help you to think more efficiently. We know that the neural activity slows down as we are getting older and here the ginseng root can help you. This root has antioxidants which can help to clear the neural pathways and they will allow you to think effectively so add this root in your diet.

Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar
Dr. Ramesh kumar, BAMS is naturopathy doctor who is well versed with health benefits of all fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants


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