How to over come your underweight problems and gain weight naturally


When someone is underweight, then it can make many health concerns as well as being overweight. If the person is underweight, then he or she may not be getting the nutrients which it needs to build healthy bones, hair and skin. There are some people who have a medical illness or genetic background which prevent them from putting on weight. Doctors are recommending the BMI to know if you are underweight.

In the BMI the person who is less than 18.5 is considered as underweight person. The most common symptoms of being underweight include low resistance to infection; poor physical stamina and feeling fatigued. There are different factors which can lead to a person to be underweight, such as mental illness; physical or chronic disease; frequent physical activity; a high metabolism and a family history.

Not all people who are underweight can experience side effects from it, but some can experience slow or impaired growth; premature births; osteoporosis; irregular periods; skin, hair, or teeth problems; anemia; feeling tired all the time and getting sick frequently. It is very important for the person to aim to maintain a healthy BMI. You need to talk with your doctor if you are underweight before you start using some of the below mentioned home remedies.

Home remedies for underweight

home remedies for underweight

Figs: This home remedy is very effective for treating problems related to weight loss and anorexia. You should take three to four figs and immerse them in water. You should let it stay there through the night and you should consume them the next morning. This is a very healthy way to gain weight.

Mango: This fruit is considered effective for weight gain. You should take one mango and then drink one glass of milk. Also, you can drink a mango milk shake on regular basis in a period of month. This home remedy can help you to weight gain.

Warm milk: You should drink a glass of warm milk mixed with one teaspoon of honey on regular basis. Also, you can add some almonds, figs and date palms to the milk and boil it for some time. If you are having underweight issues, then this drink is the right choice for you.

Muskmelon: This is one of the most effective home remedies which you can use if you are underweight. Usually, this home remedy is recommended taking three times per day in a period of 40 days or more. In the beginning, only 3 kg of muskmelons are taken daily in a period of three days. Then, this quantity is increased to 1 kg per day until it is sufficient to appease the hunger. You should use the sweet and fresh fruits for this natural treatment.

Avoid empty calories: When you eat high – calorie foods, then it can cause a person to gain weight but also this can add excess fats in the body which are affecting the person’s heart and blood vessels. This is a reason why you should avoid foods which are high in salt and sugar.

Avoid caffeinated drinks: It is known that the caffeine can suppress the appetite of a person so if you have problems with weight gaining, then you should avoid caffeine. Some of the caffeinated drinks include soda, tea, coffee and energy drinks.

Add healthy calories: When we say to add healthy calories, then this does not mean that you should drastically change your diet. You can increase your calories by adding healthy side dishes, cheese and nut or seed toppings. Also, you can try adding whole – grain, wheat toast, almonds, fruits and sunflower seeds.

Bulk up: When you are making too much aerobic exercises, then it will burn calories and it will work against your weight goal. On the other hand, the strength training can help. This includes yoga or weight lifting. When you are building your muscles, then you can gain weight.

Avoid fluids before lunch: It is very important to avoid fluids before lunch, like coffee, tea or water because they can make you to feel full and they can reduce your appetite. You should keep a gap of 30 – 45 minutes between your drinks and meals. But this does not mean that you should dehydrate yourself. It I s very important to drink several glasses of water throughout the day.

Raisins: This fruit can help you to gain weight. You can take 30 grams of raisins on daily basis so in this way you can gain weight.

Muesli powder, Indian ginseng and pomegranate seed powder: You should take equal amounts of the mentioned ingredients. You should take this natural cure two times per day along with a glass of milk or water. You should remember that this home remedy will not just help you to gain weight, but also it will help you to have well – toned body.

Banana milkshake: You should take one full glass of banana milkshake at least two times per day. Also, you can take at least three bananas per day. You should follow it up by a glass of milk or a bowl of curd. If you do not like to consume bananas, then you can indulge it in heavy meals with mixed fruits and with plenty of milk. Fruits will provide enough sugars to your system and the milk is the ideal source of protein.

Go nutrient dense: You should not eat junk food and empty calories. Instead, you should eat foods that are rich in nutrients. You should take high – protein meats which can help you to build muscles. Also, you should add carbohydrates, such as brown rice and other whole grains. This will ensure your body that it will be receiving as much nourishment as possible, even if you have problems with reduced appetite.

Potatoes: Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates so when you add them in your diet, then they can increase your weight. You should not boil potatoes, you should bake them. You should grill or bake them with butter. If you are French fries lover, then you can eat them once in a while but you should cook them with extra virgin oil.

Sleep well: When you are working long hours throughout the day, then your brain needs the much deserved rest which can only come through a sound sleep. It is hard to have goals in your life and to work but you should not forget about your sleep. When you have better levels of fitness, then it will ensure higher work productivity which will make you to work longer without having tiredness.

This is a reason why you should get a good night’s sleep which can help you to gain weight naturally. But the afternoon nap is also important. You should sleep in the afternoon for about 45 minutes to one hour because it will relax your mind and muscles. This will not help you to gain weight but it can improve your night’s sleep. This is one of the fastest ways to gain weight without going to gym.

Peanut butter: Peanuts are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids. You should add a few peanuts to your daily diet because it can help you to gain weight. Also, the peanut butter has calories which are making it a perfect home remedy for gaining weight. You should apply peanut butter on your multigrain bread and you will see the results in a period of thirty days.

Include plenty of fiber: Fiber is very important for the digestion and you should eat more fiber than you are used to if you are underweight. Some foods which have fiber are fruits, vegetables, bran, oats and beans.

Eat min – meals: If you have problems with a poor appetite, due to medical or emotional problems, then you should not eat large amounts of meals because it can hurt your health. This will not help you to gain weight in natural way. You should eat smaller meals throughout the day because this can help to increase your calorie intake but also you can go through your problems.

Snack away: You should enjoy in snacks which have a lot of protein and healthy carbohydrates. You should eat crackers with hummus or peanut butter, protein bars or drinks and trail mix. You should eat snack that have good fats, like nuts and avocadoes, because they are very important for healthy heart.

Nutrients: You should add nutrients in your diet which can help to keep your nerves relaxed. There are many vitamins and minerals which are needed for our bodies but some of the most important are magnesium, calcium, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin D. Some of the richest sources of Vitamin D include cod – liver oil, milk and the sunrays. You can get calcium through yogurt and milk. You can get magnesium from green leafy vegetables, such as beet tops, radish, turnip, parsley and spinach. You should take these vegetables in a salad form or you can lightly cook them.


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