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Best 13 Home Remedies for Childhood Impetigo

The impetigo is a bacterial skin infection which happens in children, but also in adults. Your child can get impetigo via direct contact with...

Health benefits of strychnine tree

The scientific name of strychnine tree is Strychnos nux – vomica. The strychnine tree belongs to the Loganiaceae family. It is a medical toxic...

Amazing natural treatment & home remedies for lipoma

The lipoma is a benign lump which is formed under the skin due to the overgrowth of fat cells. The lipoma can happen anywhere...

Natural treatment & home remedies for necrozoospermia

The necrozoospermia is the medical term which is used for when all the sperm is dead in a fresh semen sample. The incomplete necrozoospermia...

Natural treatment & home remedies for peeling lips

The peeling lips can be annoying condition for every single person. There are different factors which can lead to peeling lips, such as allergies;...
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