Tuna cakes


    This is a protein-rich tuna snack. It is perfectly made for bodybuilders because tuna has about 30 grams of protein.

    Tuna also has healthy Omega–3 fatty acids. This snack will give you the much–needed proteins, and it will fill your stomach as well.

    1 piece egg white beaten; 1 can fish, tuna, light, canned in water, without salt, drained.


    • For: 1 Serving
    • Preparation: 20 min
    • Ready in: 20 min


    1. Mix all of the mentioned ingredients.
    2. Heat a non–stick pan over medium heat and spray non–stick cooking spray.
    3. You need to make small patties and put them on the pan; flatten them by lightly pressing them with a fork.
    4. Cook on both sides for a few minutes until the patties turn brown.
    5. If desired, you can top the patties with grated cheese.
    6. You can serve them plain or with sides of your choice.


    You can use tuna in brine water instead of in oil because it is fat-free.

    • Per recipe
    • Energy: 366 kcal / 1530 kJ
    • Fat: 3 g
    • Protein: 56 g
    • Carbs: 28 g


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