Apple tarts

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    This healthy and high–protein apple tart recipe will give the feeling of warm, buttery flavors of a freshly baked apple pie.

    Apples are rich in vitamins and fiber. A double dose of the signature oatmeal cookie whey can help to keep these tarts high in protein, which makes it ideal for building muscle or losing weight.

    Oats and cinnamon round out the warm flavors in this delicious and healthy apple pie alternative.


    Ingredients for the crust

    Ingredients for the filling



    1. Turn the oven to 350 °F before you start cooking.
    2. Dice the apples and toss them with a squeeze of lemon juice to preserve their color.

    Prepare the Crust

    1. Whisk together salt, 1 scoop of Oatmeal Cookie Whey, and flour.
    2. Cut in shortening until crumbly and gradually add water, mixing just until the dough forms a ball.
    3. Cover and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes or until it is easy to handle.

    Prepare the filling

    1. Put the diced apples in a large bowl.
    2. Mix together cinnamon, sugar, oats, 1 scoop Oatmeal Cookie Whey, and Earth Balance.
    3. Toss it to combine and then set it aside.

    Combine the crust and the filling

    1. Roll dough into a sheet approximately ¼ inch thick on a lightly floured surface.
    2. Cut out circles of dough and press the wells of a greased muffin tin.
    3. Scoop the apple mixture into the wells and crimp the edges with your fingers.
    4. Bake this recipe for twenty to 25 minutes or until the apples are tender and the pastry is golden brown.
    5. Serve apple tarts warm.


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    • Energy: 335 kcal / 1400 kJ
    • Fat: 19 g
    • Protein: 7 g
    • Carbs: 33 g


    • For: 12 servings


    • Preparation: 25 min
    • Cooking: 30 min
    • Ready in: 1 h 25 min


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