5 Hair care mistakes you should never make again

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Hair care mistakes you should never make again

The old adage says that prevention is better than cure and this especially applies to hair care. This is because once you develop hair problems it becomes very difficult to deal with them. Of course some problems like graying and falling hair are natural processes associated with aging. However, there are some environmental factors like pollution, harmful chemicals in the water and also shampoos and conditioners containing some harmful chemicals. There are some other hair care habits that can be harmful for the health and beauty of the hair which can be avoided with some effort. If you take sufficient care of your hair and avoid the common mistakes then it is possible to have beautiful, thick and shining hair for a long time in life.

Following are top 5 tips for your hair care

Less is more

One common mistake that most people use is to make use of too many hair styling products simultaneously. If you think that using too many of these products at the same time, will not necessarily make your hair look better, but will definitely ruin your hair in the long run. In order to ensure a naturally brilliant and beautiful, all you need to do is blow dry your hair and use a single hair styling product which suits your hair the most and is most effective.hair careDecide the right amount of heat

Just as different hair requires different hair care products, similarly different types of hair can handle different intensities of heat. If you have thin hair, you should expose it to more than 130 degree Celsius, whereas if you are lucky enough to have thick hair then it should be exposed to not more than 200 degree Celsius. The strength of your hair will be reduced by 50% if it is styled using more heat than 200 degree Celsius. It makes your hair lose its vibrancy if it is exposed to temperatures higher than that. In order to avoid such damage you should also use good quality styling products that will allow you to adjust temperatures to match your hair type.

Blow drying is necessary

Many people are in a hurry to straighten their hair when it is wet and they often do it without blow drying it. However you should never do this and never straighten your hair when it is wet, because it is necessary to dry your hair before doing this.

Avoiding breakage

It is an interesting fact that hair breakage often occurs due to the simplest and most innocent reasons. For instance, combing thick hair with a fine comb, brushing hair vigorously or even combing hair when it is wet, can cause hair breakage. It is essential to use hair styling tools that are simple and yet effective like wide toothed combs. You should also eat a balanced diet rich in iron, vitamin C, protein, zinc, biotin, and folic acid. This will prevent breaking of hair and will make it healthy and strong.

Proper way of drying

It may feel good while drying your hair with a towel, but it is harmful for your hair. If you do this it can make your hair cuticles rough, which in turn leaves them porous and unprotected. It is better to blot your hair with a soft towel or use a blow dryer at reasonable temperatures. It is also important to comb your hair in the right direction. It is quite a popular practice to back comb hair along with other types of teasing which are not good for the hair cuticles and can cause permanent damage.

If you avoid these common hair care mistakes, your hair will not get damaged. Although there are also some other mistakes that can cause damage to your hair and you can learn about these from the internet or a hair care expert. It is good to arm yourself with such knowledge which will help you to become a hair care specialist for your own hair.

Above are the top five hair care tips


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