Low–carb protein pizza


    This recipe is the right choice if you want to eat pizza after your workout to keep calories at bay.




    • Preparation: 10 min
    • Cooking: 15 min
    • Ready in: 25 min


    1. Blend or whisk all of the mentioned ingredients together until you get a kind of thick liquid or sticky dough.
    2. Spray a non–stick pan with coconut oil or PAM and heat it on high heat.
    3. When the pan is hot, then scoop the dough into it.
    4. Spread the dough with a spoon until it is flat and round.
    5. When the dough cooks on one side, flip it and cook until done.
    6. Remove it from the pan and put it on a baking tray or grill.
    7. Add your toppings to the crust. You can use whatever you want depending on your macronutrient taste and needs.
    8. Broil the pizza for 10 - 15 minutes or until the cheese melts and the sides brown.
    • Per recipe
    • Energy: 511 kcal / 2136 kJ
    • Fat: 41 g
    • Protein: 30 g
    • Carbs: 5 g


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