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blood pressure, bad breath, cinnamon health benefits

Cinnamon health benefits – fights cancer and control diabetes

Cinnamon health benefits does not limit it as natural remedy for many diseases. It is...
Boron health benefits

Health benefits of boron

Boron is one of the most important minerals for the normal health and growth of...
Health benefits of balsam of Peru essential oil

Peru essential oil: Health benefits

The balsam of Peru essential oil has many health benefits such as soothe hemorrhoids, protect...
Health benefits of millet

Millet – uses and health benefits

Millet has many health benefits such as improve your muscle and nerve health, increase your...
Health benefits of tuna fish

Health benefits of tuna fish – treats depression & cancer

Tuna fish has many varieties and this is one of the most desirable and valued...
Health benefits of Noni juice

Health benefits of Noni juice

Indian mulberry or also known as Noni fruit is the main fruit from which we...


bone marrow

Bone Marrow Disease – Symptoms, Types and other risk factors

Bone marrow is the body’s primary manufacturing plant for white blood cells, red blood cells...
Razor burn

Razor burn -symptoms, causes and other risk factors

Razor burn If you are shaving your body, then you have the biggest chances to get...

Cough – causes, types and other related symptoms

Cough is reflex to your immune system to clear your airways of mucus and irritants...
Stomach polyps

Stomach polyps – Symptoms, causes and other risk factors

Stomach polyps This kind of condition is also known as gastric polyps. When you have stomach...
symptoms and signs of behcets syndrome

Behcet’s Disease – its symptoms, causes and types

Behcet’s Disease is a very rare disorder causing inflammation in the blood vessels. The definition...
Nasal obstruction : Symptoms and Types

Nasal obstruction – Symptoms, types and other factors

Nasal obstruction can be caused by nasal congestion, tumors, enlarged adenoids, nasal polyps, enlarged turbinates...

Natural Cure For Ailments

how to get rid of boils

Best effective home remedies for boils (skin abscesses)

Boils are a skin condition which happens when in your hair follicle is settled a...

Treatment for itchy ears through apple cider vinegar & olive oil

Itchy ears is a very annoying problem. Patients who have this condition have problems to...
Natural cures for bloody nose

Natural cures for bloody nose

Natural cures for bloody nose Bloody nose or also known as nosebleeds is one of the...
yeast infection home remedy

Yeast infection Home Remedy and other natural cures

Yeast infection Home Remedy This kind of infection is caused by yeast or microscopic fungi. They...
Natural cures for poison oak

Poison oak home remedy

Poison oak home remedy Many people enjoy in the great outdoors activities when it is summer...
nail fungus

Nail fungus can be treated with turmeric and lemon juice

Nail fungus can affect fingernails and toenails but it is more common condition in toenails...


kidney disease

Top 10 best and effective natural treatments for kidney disease

Kidney disease is affecting the ability of our bodies to clean our blood. Also they...
itchy skin home remedies

Natural remedies for itchy skin – Cloves and juniper berries

Itchy skin is a very common condition which can affect every single person. Depend on...
irregular menstruation, irregular menstruation treatment

Treating irregular menstruation naturally through cinnamon

The medical term for irregular menstruation / period is oligomenorrhea. This is a very common...
natural iritis treatment

Natural treatments for iritis – holy basil, carrots and Vitamin-D3

This condition is happening when the iris becomes inflamed. Iris is the colored part which...
Natural heart disease treatments

How to prevent and treat heart disease naturally

In heart disease are included many issues such as heart valve problems, heart failure, irregular...
Natural cures for fractures

Pineapple and Vitamin-C aids speedy recovery from fractures

When we have fracture, then we know that we will experience a pain which comes...