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autism, autism home remedy

Autism home remedy – improve communication & social interactions

Autism is a systemic body disorder which is affecting the brain of our children. There...
alopecia, Onion, bruises, asbestosis, Tinnitus treatment

Natural Cures and Home Remedies for Alopecia

Coconut Oil: This is very important for the health of your hair. It ensures that...
Natural cures for foot pain

Soothe your feet and get relief from foot pain naturally

One of the most common ailments is the foot pain. This condition is affecting people...
chronic pain syndrome natural treatments

Natural treatments for chronic pain syndrome

When the chronic pain drags us down, then we are desperate to find a relief....
natural treatments for splinters

Natural treatments and remedies for splinters removal

Splinters are small fragment of glass, metal or wood that at times gets embedded in...
cough home remedy

Best natural treatment and cures for cough and sooth your throat

Cough in most cases is not serious, but many times disrupt our lives. This is...

Diseases and their symptoms

What Is Cirrhosis? Symptoms & Causes

What Is Cirrhosis? Symptoms & Causes

Cirrhosis is the late stage of fibrosis (scarring) of the liver. It can be caused...
breast implants

Breast implants – side effects and associated complications

Women put breast implants to change the size and shape of their breasts. In this...
joint pain, knee pain

Joint pain – causes, symptoms and different types

Joint pain is a very common problem. It can be result from many conditions but...
body odor

Body Odor – Symptoms and Causes

When the bacteria which is living in our skin is breaking down sweat into acids...

Bunions – Symptoms, Causes and Risk factors

Bunion When a bony bump is formed in the joint at the base of your big...
Neck pain

Neck pain – Symptoms, causes and other risk factors

One of the most common problems which are affecting people all around the world is...

Food and its benefits


Wakame prevent breast cancer and maintain hormone balance

Wakame has many health benefits such as protects infant health, improves skin health, increase circulation,...
banana juice

Health benefits of banana juice – aids digestion & peaceful sleep

Banana juice is not one of the most common fruit juices which you can find...

Health benefits of Sage

Sage is native to Southern Europe and Mediterranean region. This herb has been used in...
Health benefits of cocoa butter

Health benefits of cocoa butter

Cocoa butter has many health benefits such as reducing inflammation, improve skin health, prevents signs...
milk thistle

Milk thistle manages diabetes and slows onset of Alzheimer’s

Milk thistle has many health benefits such as manage the symptoms of diabetes, reduce the...
Health benefits of brown rice

Brown rice for bone health, immunity, obesity and diabetes

Brown rice can help you to maintain healthy bones and stronger immune system. It has...


Hay fever

Hay fever – symptom, causes, risk factors and complications

This condition is also known as allergic rhinitis. It is causing cold – like signs...

Gynecomastia – symptoms, causes and associated complications

Gynecomastia is a condition in which there is overdevelopment of the male breast. In response...

Goiter – causes, symptoms and other associated risk factors

This is an abnormal enlargement of the thyroid gland. We know that our thyroid is...

Endometriosis – causes, symptoms and other associated risk factors

Endometriosis in many cases is a painful disorder. In this condition the tissue which normally...

Diverticulitis – causes, symptoms, risk factors and complications

Diverticula are small and bulging pouches which can form in the lining of the digestive...
Crohn's disease

Crohn’s disease – causes, symptoms and other risk factors

This disease is IBD (an inflammatory bowel disease). It can cause inflammation of the digestive...