Natural cures for excessive saliva

Natural cures for excessive saliva

The hypersalivation is not disease but it is a symptom of another condition. It is also known as ptyalism or sialorrhea. It is a condition when someone has too much saliva in their mouth. This can result in saliva from the mouth spilling over the bottom lip which is also known as drooling. This condition can be caused by difficulty keeping the mouth closed; excessive saliva production; an inability to effectively swallow or clear saliva from the mouth. When you have too much saliva, then it can cause problems with eating and talking along with skin infections and chapped lips. Also drooling and hypersalivation can lead to low self – esteem and cause social anxiety. The most common symptoms of hypersalivation are poor sense of taste; chapped lips; pneumonia; softening and damage to the skin around the mouth; speech disturbance; infection of the skin around the mouth; dehydration; bad breath. Those people who suffer from hypersalivation are more likely to inhale saliva, fluids or food into their lungs which could lead to aspiration pneumonia. This can happen when they are gagging and coughing and in these cases reflexes are impaired. If you suffer from hypersalivation, then you need to talk with your doctor before you start using some of the below mentioned home remedies for this condition.

Here are some home remedies for excessive saliva:

Mint: This home remedy will make your breath fresh in natural way and also it can help to reduce the excessive saliva. This is considered as one of the best home remedies which can help to reduce the excessive salivation because the mint has ability to speed up your efforts to ease and manipulate the production of saliva as well. If you want to get the best benefits of excessive saliva, then you should clean the mint leaves thoroughly before you put them inside your mouth and keep them there for several minutes. You need to do this natural treatment on a daily basis.

Ginger: This is one of the most effective and strongest home remedies which you can use to diminish the amount of exaggerated saliva inside your mouth. It has anti – inflammatory properties which mean that it is beneficial for your skin and mouth but also it will give you more advantages than any other spice which is found in the kitchen. Also it will reduce the amount of harmful bacteria significantly that is responsible for cavities. You should cut ginger into thin slices. You should take one of them and then place them inside your mouth and keep them for a few minutes. You should do this natural treatment on daily basis because in this way you will get the efficiency and effectiveness of the ginger. Also there is another option in which you can use the ginger. You can mix long pepper, black pepper and dried powdered ginger in equal amounts (each of them should be 100 mg). When you have mixed these ingredients, then you should store the mixture in safe place. The best place for storage is the glass container. You can add this home remedy in your veggies and yogurt. You should add 2 – 3 pinches of this natural cure in pure honey and then mix it well. You need to eat this home remedy two times per day because it will give you a relief from the excess saliva.

Natural cures for excessive saliva

Natural cures for excessive saliva

Water: People who suffer from excessive saliva might think that it is irrelevant because they need to add more fluid into their mouth. But it is important to keep your body hydrated all the time. It is known that when the water comes from the throat to the mouth, then it will bring excessive saliva and also it will reduce the amount of saliva. But this is considered as one of the best home remedies for excessive saliva.

Yoghurt: It is highly recommended to be consumed yoghurt as a desert because it has ability to regulate the digestion system and it will reduce the eructation after a meal. Also it is known as one of the best home remedies which can fight back the excessive saliva. You should consume one cup of non – sweetened yogurt after one meal because it will help to improve your digestion system and it can reduce the exaggerated saliva in your mouth.

Clove: This is an important spice which can be used to prevent the excessive saliva. It is known that this home remedy can reduce the nerves as well as salivary glands. It has antibacterial and anti – inflammatory compounds. Also cloves are very great and powerful for the efforts to discharge the germs from the mouth. You should grind several cloves and then mix them with hot water later on. Also you can make the clove into a tea and consume it on a daily basis.

Cinnamon: This is one of the best home remedies which can help you to treat the excessive saliva. It has the ability to diminish the existing bacteria inside the mouth which is very powerful and cinnamon can restrict the production of saliva immediately. You can consume it as a tea for a few times per day because this can help you to improve the situation gradually. You should crush some cinnamon sticks to extract the powder or you can buy this powder from the supermarket. Put the powder inside a tea bag and combine it with hot water. You should dip it for several times before you strain it. You should put some raw honey in it because you will get both better taste and additional health benefits. You should drink this home remedy on daily basis.

Khadira: This natural cure is also known as catechu. This herb is one of the best home remedies for excessive salivation which people who suffer from this condition can use it. We know that we produce excess saliva with the sour, salty and sweet tastes which we experience in our mouths. This natural cure has astringent properties which can counteract this reaction. Also it can treat any irritation and inflammation in the mouth and throat which can trigger the hypersalivation.

Amla powder: This is one of the best natural cures which can help you to stop the excessive salivation and also it is very effective for the acidity in the stomach. Also this is a very effective home remedy which can help you to stop the sour taste and sour water in the mouth. You should consume this powder mixed with warm water immediately after a meal because it will help you to get a relief from the excessive salivation.

Lemon: This is one of the most effective home remedies for hypersalivation because it has strong acidity content. The acidity in lemon is working very well to reduce the function of salivary glands in the excessive saliva natural treatment. It is known fact that many people are using lemon as a natural way to protect their mouth from oral diseases. Even if you do not have saliva build up in your mouth, you can apply lemon. You need to keep fresh lemon slices in your mouth for several minutes. Also there is another option and that is to dilute fresh lemon juice and water with the same amount and then          drink it a few times per day on daily basis.

Neem: It is one of the best home remedies for excessive saliva because it has antimicrobial and anti – inflammatory properties. This is a reason why neem is a natural cure for many diseases. It can help to fight against thick saliva in your throat. This will prevent mouth and throat from being infected by virus. You should put some neem leaves into hot water and then boil them for some minutes. When this mixture is warm, then you should consume it slowly and regularly to reduce the excessive saliva production.

Kutki: Kutki is also known as Picrorhiza Kurroa. This is a very popular herb as a natural treatment for excessive salivation. This home remedy is very supportive for the overproduction of saliva and it is stimulating the process of clearing saliva in your mouth. Also this home remedy is well – known for other positive impacts on many mechanisms, from digestion to metabolism.

Cardamom: This is a very effective home remedy for excessive saliva. It can stop the salivary glands from giving more and more saliva but also it is serving as a natural cure for bad breath and bacterial infections in the mouth. You can keep this home remedy directly in your mouth and you will get its health benefits in a period of several minutes. There is another way and that is to mix cardamom powder with hot water. You should try to consume the warm water mixture two to three times per day on a daily basis and in very short time you will notice that you will feel better.


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