Natural treatments for burning tongue syndrome

burning tongue syndrome

Natural cures for burning tongue syndrome

Burning tongue syndrome is a condition when people are feeling that they have burning sensation in their mouths. There are many cases when this disease has not just affected the tongue, but also has affected almost all parts of the mouth such as inside part of the cheeks and lips. You might have deficiency in the nutrition of your body. The right cause for this condition is unknown. When you have this condition, then you are feeling loss of taste and burning sensation all over your mouth. Also you are feeling sourness in the mouth. You can also have the other oral or eating problems. When you are using the right diet and you have proper medical care, then you will improve your situation. This condition will be gone. When you are suffering from burning tongue, then you should avoid spicy and hot foods. Also you should avoid chocolate, caffeine and alcohol because these products can just trigger your situation. You should eat foods which are high in Vitamin B12 and iron because they are effective prevention of burning tongue syndrome. You should not consume citrus fruits because they are rich with acidic components and they can trigger this condition. When you are suffering from this condition, then you should eat boiled foods which are helping a lot in the reduction of the inflammation and irritation. Also blend vegetables are helping in the fight against this condition. If your condition is not getting better, then you should visit your doctor. Here are some home remedies and natural cures for burning tongue syndrome which you should use if you are suffering from this condition. [1]

Natural cures for burning tongue syndrome

  • Ice cubes: When people are suffering from burning tongue syndrome, then they should use ice cubes on the affected areas. It will give them relief from the pain which is associated with this disease.
  • Garlic and onion paste: You should make a paste from onion and garlic. Make a mixture from this paste and water. You should gargle your mouth with this paste every day because it will reduce the burning sensation in your mouth.
  • Baking soda: This is one of the most important home remedies for treating burning tongue syndrome. This remedy is neutralizing the unhealthy radicals in your mouth. Your pH levels will have normal balance because this remedy is alleviating all sings which are connected with the acidity in human’s body [2]. Also if you have burning tongue you should use this remedy because it will help you to fight against the infection in the mouth. This remedy will stop the excessive growth of the yeast which is located in your mouth. When you have burning sensation in your mouth, then you should use baking soda and you should not use the commercial toothpaste for brushing your teeth. If your paste have sodium lauryl sulfate as its component, then you should change your favorite toothpaste. Baking soda is safe home remedy which should be used as natural treatment for this condition. Also when you are washing your teeth, you should ensure yourself that your mouthwash does not have alcohol in it. You should mix eight ounces of water with baking soda and then gargle with this mix. You should use this home remedy as soon as you are feeling the symptoms of this condition because when you have burning tongue in higher levels, then you must take medications.
  • Aloe Vera: When you have burning sensation in your mouth and you want to get rid of it, then you should apply Aloe Vera gel. You should apply this home remedy 2 – 3 times per day on the affected areas. Soon you will feel relief from this pain. [3]
  • Sugar Free Gum: If you have burning tongue syndrome, then you should chew gums which are sugar free because they will give you relief from the pain in some period.
  • Tabasco sauce: When you have pain in your tongue and it is caused by this condition, then you should rinse your mouth with a mix of a few drops of Tabasco sauce in water. Capsaicin which is component of this natural cure signals chemical in the nerve cells which are reason for the pain. When this process is happening, then you are feeling that you have relief from the pain.
  • Nutritional diet: Cashew nuts, bran flakes, dates and sesame seeds are rich with iron. They are reducing the pain which is caused by this disease. Also you should take foods which are rich with Vitamin B12, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2. In the most cases the leafy foods are rich with the mentioned vitamins. They will help you in your fight against this condition. [4]
  • Triphala and Babool Decoctions: When you are gargling your mouth with this herb, then this will help you a lot in reducing the symptoms caused by this condition. When you are using this natural remedy, then you are giving cooling sensation to your tongue.
  • Apple: When you are using cold apple juice and you rinse your mouth with it, then this natural remedy is giving relief to your mouth.
  • Glycerin: Glycerin is also very effective natural remedy when you have burning tongue syndrome. It is helping to reduce the pain and the burning sensation which you are feeling. [5]
  • Papaya: Papaya is rich with enzymes. These enzymes are healing the burns because they are rejuvenating the burnt skin. You should eat papaya if you are suffering from burning tongue.
  • Black tea: This kind of tea has cooling extract which should be used when people are suffering from burning tongue. You should boil two to three bags of black tea in one cup of water. Black tea has tannic acid which is absorbing the heat from your tongue. Then, this element is cooling your mouth and it is soothing the burns. [6]
  • Echinacea: The recommended dose that should be taken from this remedy is 20 drops of it.

burning tongue syndrome

  • Honey: People who have burning tongue should use honey as their natural treatment. It is helping a lot against the oral infections. Also when you are taking this product with your mouth, then this remedy is helping you to soothe your mouth. This product should be applied on your tongue like cream. You should let this remedy to stay on your tongue for thirty to sixty seconds and then you should swallow this remedy from your tongue. When honey is applied on your tongue, then it is reducing the inflammation of burning tongue syndrome.
  • Herbal juices: When the burning tongue syndrome is caused by the deficiency of the gastric acid in your stomach, then you should drink herbal juices such as nettle, worm wood, dandelion, black radish and plantain which will help you a lot in the reducing the pain caused by this syndrome.
  • Lavender oil: This is one of the best home remedies which you can give to your mouth without need of medication, drug or pill. Use cotton dabs to apply the lavender essential oil on your tongue which will help you in the reducing of pain and also healing process will be increased. Also when you are using lavender essential oil, then you are reducing the stress in yourself. This remedy is also helping to calm your senses for some period. Other way in which you can use this natural cure is to take 40 mg of lavender oil with your mouth. You should take this amount two times per day. [7]
  • Water: When you are drinking lot of water, then you are reducing the burning sensation in your mouth. This remedy will increase the production of saliva, it will prevent from dry mouth and dehydration which are very important in the reduction of the symptoms of burning tongue syndrome.
  • Vitamin B: There are many studies which have shown that burning tongue syndrome is caused by Vitamin B deficiency. You should eat foods which are rich with this vitamin because it will help you in the fight against the burning tongue syndrome.
  • Spinach/broccoli: Spinach and broccoli are rich with Vitamin A. This vitamin is boosting the immune system which means your immune system is healing faster when you have enough amount of Vitamin A. Also these vegetables are rich with Vitamin B2. They are effective home remedies for treating the burning tongue syndrome.
  • Carrot juice: This vegetable is also rich with Vitamin A. Also it has Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. All of the mentioned vitamins are important for keeping the health and they are taking part as natural treatments for burning tongue syndrome.
  • Yogurt with flax seed: You will need to make a mixture from yogurt and flax seed. Grind the flax seed and then mix with your yogurt. This mixture will give relief to your tongue. You will not feel burning sensation any more. Also when you are consuming this home remedy you will feel that your stomach is full. Vitamin B5 which is component of the yogurt is producing is helping in the production of steroid hormones. Flax seeds are rich with an omega – 3 fatty acids. They are helping in to reduce the inflammation. Also they are helping in the promotion of the healthy memory and healthy brain. They contain antioxidant components which are vital for the immune system to heal faster.

These are some of the steps to take to prevent burning tongue syndrome.


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