Black radish nutrition facts and health benefits

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Black radish can boost your health and it can help you to look gorgeous at the same time. Black radish is taking part of the family radish. Its scientific name is Raphanus sativus L. var. niger. It is also known as Spanish radish in the most parts of world. Black radish is widely cultivated in Asia and Europe. Nowadays, black radish is cultivated in many parts of the world due to its health benefits. It is known as black radish because it has black or sometimes deep purple exterior and it is stark white inside. Black radish is strong in flavor and it is noticeable when you consume it with other vegetables. Here are some health benefits of black radish:

Black radish anti – cancerous benefits

The black radish is rich in antioxidants. It is making it one of the best anti – cancerous remedies. Antioxidants will keep in check on free radicals in cells and tissues. This will keep the cell functioning and division under control. This is a reason why it reduces the risk of cancer.

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Black radish controls and regulates thyroid

Thyroid is a life – threatening condition which is caused by an imbalance in the thyroid hormones. This needs lifelong medication but the black radish can help in it. It is rich in raphanin which is natural enzyme that can regulate the secretion and production of thyroid hormones. As a result of this, black radish can be used as a preventative home remedy against hyper/hypothyroidism. It can give a relief to patients who suffer from hyper/hypothyroidism.

Black radish increases mental alertness

The black radish is rich in magnesium and potassium which are required by our bodies to maintain the chemical balance in the brain. These minerals are active components of the electrolytic solution. This is a reason why the black radish becomes a supplement of these essential minerals to the brain and body. As a result of this, the electrochemical balance of the brain is restored. This can increase the mental alertness. Also potassium and magnesium are memory chargers. They can improve the mental concentration.

Cures scurvy

When people have Vitamin C deficiency, then it leads to scurvy. Black radish is rich in Vitamin C which can help to treat scurvy. It can ease the symptoms of this condition and it will not cause side effects. Also it will make the bones stronger. Black radish can be used to treat the joint inflammation.

Black radish helpful in stones removal

Black radish is very effective against stones in the gallbladder and kidney. It can ease the pain that is caused by stones. This natural cure will increase the urination. Black radish has diuretic properties which can increase urination which leads to cleaning of gallbladder and kidneys from stone dust and stones.

Cures cold

Black radish is rich in antioxidants. Also it has anti – inflammatory properties. These properties can clear the chest off congestion. This will ease the mucosal passage through nose and throat. This is a reason why the black radish is very effective home remedy against a cold.

Black radish cures bloating and acidity

Black radish is rich in antioxidants which can nullify the effects of free radicals. Also it will make the abdomen, intestines and gut free. As a result of this the acidity will be reduced. Also the bloating is eased with the consumption of black radish naturally.

Improves digestion

The black radish is excellent detoxifying agent. It can help to clear the toxins from the stomach. It can ensure you that the pH of your stomach is maintained. Also it is rich in fiber which can ease the process of digestion. Also it can improve the bile function which could lead to improved digestion. The overall digestive rate of the body will be improved.

Regulates cholesterol

The black radish actively participates in the circulation and metabolism of fat in the body. It will make the liver active and functional. This will trigger fat circulation and metabolism. The liver is absorbing the cholesterol before it gets deposited in the arterial walls and adipose tissue. This will filter the impurities and process the fat further and this process keeps on repeating. It will eliminate the fat accumulation. Also it can reduce the cholesterol formation and indirectly decrease the risk of heart attack.


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